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AAA Discounts and Perks for Car Rentals

AAA Discounts and Perks for Car Rentals

Are you a member of the Automobile Association of America (AAA)? If you are, be ready to receive handsome discounts and perks on car rentals at Airport Van Rental (AVR). Book a car with AVR today to enjoy AAA membership discounts and privileges!

What Are AAA Car Rental Discounts?

AAA car rental discounts may be available in the form of coupons, rewards, promo codes, and perks that reduce the original rental rate of a vehicle. AVR offers the following special privileges, rewards, and discounts to AAA members:

Base Rate Discount Codes

AAA members will receive an instant 5% discount on the retail base rate of all rental bookings, without any restrictions or blackout dates. The base rate discounts are valid across all participating locations of AVR. 

Free Additional Driver

AAA members will enjoy the privilege of not paying additional driver fees if they book a car rental with AVR. However, members may need to provide the details of additional drivers while booking a rental with AAA discount codes at participating locations.

Complimentary Child Safety Seat

A child safety seat may cost up to $65 per rental here in the United States and Canada. AAA members receive a free child safety seat if they book a rental with AVR. Safety is the number one priority for AVR. Just tell us the age of the child while booking the car rental so that we can ensure you receive a suitable child safety seat (to ensure maximum safety, choose a rear-facing convertible car seat for infants and a forward-facing car seat for toddlers).

You Won’t Find Better AAA Benefits for Car Rentals than AVR

Pick Up in Any Major City

AVR has over a dozen rental locations in the United States. AAA members have the privilege to pick up the vehicle at any of our major city rental locations. Just tell us your preferred pick-up location at the time of rental booking so that we’ll make sure your vehicle is ready for pick-up a few hours before your vacation starts.

Your Rental Delivered to You

Don’t have time to pick up the car from the rental location? No problem! We’ll deliver the rental car to your doorstep just before your vacation starts.

Car Rentals for Any Preference

AVR’s fleet comprises different types of cars and vans. Starting from a standard 5-seat SUV to a 15-seat passenger van, AVR has a wide variety of vehicles that fit your tastes and requirements. 

For instance, you may like to choose a 7-seat luxury SUV with a powerful engine and superior suspension for the road trip you planned along with your friends. No matter what your preference is, we’ll match it with our premium fleet of vehicles. 

Special Offer Discounts for the Prices You Want

In addition to the 5% instant discount, AAA club members are eligible for AAA discount codes, special offer discounts, rewards, perks, last-minute deals, promotion codes, coupons, and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) codes at the time of booking.

AVR also runs weekly promo blasts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let AAA members save hugely on car rentals.

Family-owned and Family-run

AVR is a family-owned and family-run business. We at AVR give utmost priority to the safety and convenience of our customers. Our deeply-rooted family values, including integrity and accountability, are enabling us to provide a superior quality service that no other rental enterprise can provide in the United States.

AAA Member Car Rental FAQ

Does AVR offer advance reservations?

Every AAA member has the privilege to make reservations with AVR. Here is a step-by-step procedure that enables you to make a reservation with AVR:

Step 1: Open the Reservations page on the website of AVR and fill in the details such as pick-up location, pick-up date, pick-up time, return location, return date, return time, and age.


Step 2: Click the “Continue” button, as it navigates to the page that displays a list of vehicles available for booking.


Step 3: Click the “Reserve Now” button to further navigate to the page where you fill in rental qualifications and reserve the vehicle.

Will I be charged a young renter fee?

No, you will not be charged a young renter fee if you use a AAA card while booking a rental with AVR.

If my van breaks down, can I get roadside assistance?

AAA has been a leader in roadside assistance for the last 100 years. As a AAA member, you will get 24x7 tow service and roadside assistance if your car or van breaks down anywhere in the United States and Canada. 

Airport Van Rental is Preferred Among Other Car Rental Companies. Here’s Why.

With over 12 years of experience in the car rental business, AVR earned the trust of people as a reliable transportation partner. AAA members prefer AVR over other rental companies for the following reasons:

  1. Best prices compared to competitors.

  2. AAA club discount codes (AAA CDP), coupons, promotional offers, perks on rental prices.

  3. A well-maintained premium fleet of cars and vans.

  4. 24x7 contactless pick-up.

  5. Drop off at any preferred location.

  6. No young driver and additional driver fees.

  7. Over 20% discount on the original price if you opt for the Pay Now option and pay using debit or credit cards. 

Use Your AAA Membership to Find the Best Car Rental Deals with Airport Van Rental

AVR is an industry leader in the van rental business. It does not matter if you are heading for a family vacation, weekend getaway, or road trip, we have a vehicle readily available for you.

You can book a car or van at any of our locations, including Atlanta, Burbank, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, San Francisco, and Tampa. Use your AAA membership card to find the best car rental deals with AVR.

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