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Great Journey Ideas From Los Angeles!

Take a look at our handpicked journey locations starting from Los Angeles for you, the family, or the group of friends to get out and explore.

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Carlsbad Caverns National Park New Mexico


Distance from downtown LAX: 944 miles

An unforgettable experience.


This journey can start many ways, but only one is the right way. That right way is renting an easy to rent AVR van. Our safe and comfortable vans will make this journey's drive a pleasant one. Carlsbad Caverns National Park offers an array of outdoors activities for the whole family or crew to get in on. There are ample hiking trails with camping availability for those that really want an outdoor experience. There are cavern crawls through naturally made caverns boasting beautiful stalagmites of various rocks and minerals. Those interested in astronomy or a romantic meteor shower, should check out their telescope and night sky program. For the wild ones, there are bat related programs that showcase thousands of cave dwelling bats and their nightly activities. There is even a mass exodus of these bats and a special event to honor their return that you can get in on if you plan ahead. This is the right outdoors vacation to get the whole crew or family involved in something enjoyable. Every taste gets satisfied on this journey.

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Nordic Village Arizona


Distance from downtown LAX: 482

Snow lodging and Skiing in Arizona?! Yup!


You are probably thinking how can Arizona, a hot-climate state, have Skiing? Well, people always wonder how AVR has such comfortable and safe vans for an unbeatable price; Isn't nature just beautiful? Speaking of nature, Nordic Village in Arizona boasts two different seasonal camping experiences. In the winter, you can enjoy all sorts of winter hiking trails for beginners or experts. There are also many skiing trails to bring out the daredevil in you. They offer great selection of lodging for all family and party sizes. Yurt style cabins and more traditional cabins are available.

Maybe summer camping is more your family or crew's thing? Nordic Village offers a great summer camping experience as well. You can enjoy the well-marked hiking trails offered in summer, or bring the RV for a wonderful camping experience. Nordic Village is located in prime Tent Camping locations! A truly remarkable journey for family time bonding outdoors or a cool friends getaway.

Reno Nevada


Distance from downtown LAX: 473 miles

The biggest little city in the world! And Gambling!


Everyone enjoys a bit of responsible gambling every once and a while. There is a rush you get when on a hot streak and you feel on top of the world. At AVR though, there is no gamble with the service or van you will receive. We offer the most safe and comfortable easy to rent vans available. For an unbeatable price too. Welcome to Reno, Nevada! You could say, its mini Vegas, but Reno has much more to offer than just gambling. Reno is home to some of the most renowned gold mining towns, including Boomtown. There are tons of events year-round in this busy little city. From balloon races, to annual car conventions showcasing some remarkable creations and giveaways, maybe it's this city that doesn't sleep. In addition, there are many automobile museums for the car fanatic of the family. Reno is also located about an hour away from beautiful Lake Tahoe if you want to take a day drive there for a family picnic or summer fun. This journey has something for everyone in the family, even the picky one.


Denver Colorado