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How You Can Save Money on Your Next Van Rental

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, learning how to save money on a van rental will keep more cash in your pocket to splurge on food, entertainment, and exciting activities on your trip. An affordable van rental is a great option to get around town, see the sites, reach business meetings, or just explore a new destination, especially if you are traveling with a large group. The money your group saves on taxi rides will most likely far outweigh the cost of the rental. Let’s go over some ways to save money on your next journey...(more)

Tips for Coordinating Business Travel

When done the right way, travelling for business can be a good way to grow your company, help employees get to know one another better, or just get a break from the daily grind. Once you’ve reached your destination, it’s wise to use a corporate van rental service to keep costs low and your team organized. Here’s some other tips for coordinating business travel:..(more)

Great Tips to Get Through O’Hare Airport

If you want to get some travel pictures to show your colleagues and friends, you can find plenty of picture-worthy material before you even leave the airport! Be sure to stop by the O’Hare Airport garden. This majestic hydroponic garden is soil-free, and is suspended in columns. With over 1000 types of plants in 26 columns, you can snap some great pictures of an unprecedented work of art and architecture. And like we mentioned earlier, this is the same organic garden used by the airport restaurants, so you know it’s fresh!..(more)

The Best Places to Explore This Fall

Fall started on September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere this year, so in the United States, the fall season is well underway. Fall happens to be a great time to travel in many places around the U.S. The leaves are changing and the weather is crisp, mild, and pleasantly cool, making for a perfect atmosphere to complement your travels...(more)

Tips for Saving Money When Planning Your Next Road Trip

From the dawn of the automobile, road trips have seized the popular imagination. Many novelists, filmmakers and songwriters have been drawn to the road tripfrom Jack Kerouacs On the Road to David Lynchs Wild at Heart and countless works of art in between...(more)

Van Rental Tips for Business Travelers

For many hard-working professionals, travel is a huge part of their jobs. Business trips present a challenging and rewarding experience for all members of a corporation. They allow team bonding for employees outside of their normal work environment and to discover new ways of connecting and problem-solving together...(more)

Know Your Way in San Jose

San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley, providing the world with the latest innovations in technology. The home of Apple, Google and other tech giants, San Jose is a cutting edge city in Californias Bay Area. But San Jose is more than just the tech industry...(more)

San Diego - Get Swept Away In The "Creative Tornado Known as the Fringe Festival"

Starting on Thursday, July 23rd, and running through August 2nd, the 2015 San Diego International Fringe Festival (SDIFF) is an art festival that mixes dance, drama, comedy, music, buskers and more. The festival will be kicked off by 2014 SDIFF award winner Jack Lukeman, as he presents Phantasmagoria, songs of wickedness and wonder...(more)

AVR City Spotlight: San Diego Festival Of Science & Engineering

Set for March 14th through the 21st, the San Diego Festival Of Science & Engineering consists of demonstrations and interactive exhibits that will "ignite" the love for science in kids in grades K-12, as well as adults...(more)

Explore the Pacific Northwest With a Portland, Oregon Van Rental

For travelers seeking a scenic destination filled with culture and art, delicious eateries, look no further than Portland, Oregon! Van Rentals and personal vehicle rentals may be the way to go in this Pacific Northwestern hub famous for its hip, alternative culture and thriving art scene...(more)