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Top Five Sights to See in California this Summer

California is beautiful, and you’re going to have a great time on your trip. Here’s a California travel tip, take a road trip down the coast from San Francisco to Laguna Beach. Below are some of the sights you won’t want to miss along the way...(more)

LAX Travel Tips: A Business Traveler's Guide to LAX Airport

Los Angeles International Airport, better known as LAX, is busiest airport in the greater Los Angeles area and the fourth busiest airport in the world. Every day, thousands of people trek through its hallways, heading off to many domestic and international flights. In fact, the Airports Council International reports that LAX saw over 80 million passengers in 2016 alone...(more)

How You Can Save Money on Your Next Van Rental

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, learning how to save money on a van rental will keep more cash in your pocket to splurge on food, entertainment, and exciting activities on your trip. An affordable van rental is a great option to get around town, see the sites, reach business meetings, or just explore a new destination, especially if you are traveling with a large group. The money your group saves on taxi rides will most likely far outweigh the cost of the rental. Let’s go over some ways to save money on your next journey...(more)

Business Traveler's Guide to Las Vegas Int'l Airport

As a business traveler, you never know where you’ll be spending your next layover. While some layovers feel endlessly boring, consider yourself lucky if you have an extended stop at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas...(more)

Tips for Coordinating Business Travel

When done the right way, travelling for business can be a good way to grow your company, help employees get to know one another better, or just get a break from the daily grind. Once you’ve reached your destination, it’s wise to use a corporate van rental service to keep costs low and your team organized. Here’s some other tips for coordinating business travel:..(more)

Great Tips to Get Through O’Hare Airport

If you want to get some travel pictures to show your colleagues and friends, you can find plenty of picture-worthy material before you even leave the airport! Be sure to stop by the O’Hare Airport garden. This majestic hydroponic garden is soil-free, and is suspended in columns. With over 1000 types of plants in 26 columns, you can snap some great pictures of an unprecedented work of art and architecture. And like we mentioned earlier, this is the same organic garden used by the airport restaurants, so you know it’s fresh!..(more)

AVR City Spotlight: The Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Located just 60 miles west of Denver, is the highest paved road in North America. A day trip to the top is a journey that snakes and climbs through nearly 9,000 feet of elevation gain, from the high plains of Denver through five climate zones to the 14,264-foot summit of Mount Evans...(more)

Sacramento - Rent A Getaway Van & Break INTO Folsom!

Folsom is almost a 30 minute drive outside of Sacramento. According to TripAdvisor, the Folsom Prison Museum is one of the highest rated attractions there. For only a $2 entry fee, you'll experience the prison's history dating back to the 1880's...(more)

Beat the Heat this Summer When You Rent a Van in Denver

When most people think of Denver, they think of snow, skiing, and the Rocky Mountains, yet summer in Denver offers just as many attractions for visitors to its bustling downtown. With lots of culture, top notch shopping, natural wonders, sports, and some of the countrys best dining, its the ideal place for visitors of all ages...(more)

Vanning to Vegas

When you're planning a trip to Las Vegas or some other premium destination for your family or large group, deciding how to get there is often your biggest headache. Instead of spending precious time lining up all the fun stuff where you'll stay, what you'll I eat, the shows you'll see, and what you'll do with all your winnings you're bogged down with..(more)