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Golden Gate Park San Francisco Museums, Waterfalls, and More!

Golden Gate Park is worth the day trip if only to visit the California Academy of Sciences which is an amazing kid friendly destination. This exhibit features 38,000 live animals and tons of amazing aquatic life. ..(more)

Las Vegas Christmas Light Guide

The Vegas strip isn’t the only place to see lights galore. 2022 brings some amazing Christmas lights displays to the Las Vegas Area..(more)

Road Trips With Group Is Great For Your Overall Well Being

There are many mental health benefits to enjoying a road trip with friends and family. First and foremost, road trips provide an opportunity for people to disconnect from their daily routines and the stresses of modern life. ..(more)

EV Cargo Vans - Why Last Mile Delivery Can Save Money

Electric cargo vans offer several advantages over their gas-powered counterparts. For one, they are much more environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions and reducing air pollution. ..(more)

Electric Vans Vs ICE Vehicles - Why EV Saves Time & Money

Electric cargo vans are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and individuals who need a reliable and efficient way to transport goods and materials. Compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, electric cargo vans offer several benefits that can help save both money and time...(more)

Can You Rent Electric Cargo Vans? What You Need to Know

Are you looking for a sustainable alternative to renting gas-powered cargo vans? If so, an electric cargo van rental is the solution!..(more)

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Car Rentals

Don't let the gas prices ruin your road trip. Rent an electric car with AVR and save big on your next vacation while contributing to sustainability!..(more)

Van Rental Chicago - Cars, Vans, SUVs & More

If you're coming to Chicago, Illinois, with a group of friends or on a family trip, you'll need to find the right van rental. Look no further than AVR passenger van rentals in Chicago!..(more)

A Fun Filled Family Day At The Greatest Park Ever

Who doesn’t love to spend a good day at the park and what if that park was equipped with some amazing sites, you’ve never seen before and home to some amazing activities? Hermann Park is 445 acres of sprawling playground with a train ride, water activities, trails, and much more! ..(more)

Explore The Underwater World At The Houston Interactive Aquarium

A breath-taking and exciting adventure awaits the whole family at The Houston Interactive Aquarium and Animal Preserve. This massive complex is home to so many amazing animals and hands-on experiences that will have the kids raving. ..(more)