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Commute With AVR Vanpool

Airport Van Rental is a highly recognized leader in the van rental industry. For 12 years we have specialized in vans. We built our business by providing a quality product at an affordable rate. We bring the same vision to our vanpool division. AVR Vanpool offers nationwide services in California & Texas. Our vanpools are provided to commuters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Hi-Desert, the Inland Empire, Dallas, and Fort Worth...(more)

A Journey To Great Smokey Moutains From Houston!

Great Smokey Mountain National Park offers a unique viewing experience that the family can view from the car. For those that want to enjoy the best sights nature has to offer, but aren’t the outdoorsy type, The Great Smokey Mountain offer 384 miles of scenic driving routes...(more)

Van Rental Deals For The Holiday - Why Choose AVR

Holiday travel should be comfortable and safe, and AVR’s vans make both of those a reality. Come experience why many people have switched from cars to mini van rentals. Holiday travel done right starts here with AVR. Check out our Van Rental Christmas Deals...(more)

AVR's Holiday Lights Guide

This is where our AVR Christmas lights blog comes in! Not only are we equipped to deliver the best customer service and comfortable ride to view these lights, but we will also help you find some of the best places, so you don’t have to...(more)

Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Ideas And Road Trips

No one wants to be cooped up during the holiday and flying to Nana’s house may seem too risky. AVR is here to help take back your holiday and get to Nana’s or wherever your destination may be, safely. Road trips have been deemed a way safer option for those wanting to travel for Thanksgiving or even early Christmas. With AVR’s help, your family will be driving in style, windows down, music blasting and having the road trip of a lifetime...(more)

Beautiful Scenic Road Trip From Denver To Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a major American tourist attraction that offers hydrothermal and geologic wonders, in addition to so much more. Planning a summer vacation with the family or crew? Yellowstone offers hiking trails, wildlife watches, camping in back country, boating, fishing, and exploration of thermal basins...(more)

Visits Yosemite Nation Park Today. Take The Journey From Dallas today!

You are in for an amazing journey with this one! Yes, the drive is quite long, but all the amazing stops along the way will make it feel like the most epic adventure yet. This is exactly the kind of experience your family or crew misses by just flying to the destination. Think of all the laughs and memories you will make on this amazing journey through some of the best places the United States has to offer...(more)

Start fall right with our journey from Atlanta to Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Ha Ha Tonka State Park will steal your breath away with its scenic trails and views overlooking the lake. Feel like a king or queen in their castle, by exploring the nearby stone ruins of 20th century castle. There are hiking trails, swimming, fishing, biking, a historic tour, and much more. Lodging can be found nearby for those that don’t want to camp outdoors. Treat the family to an unforgettable Journey!..(more)

Breathe Taking Road Trip From Las Vegas to Theodore Roosevelt National Park In North Dakota

Breathe Taking Road Trip From Las Vegas to Theodore Roosevelt National Park In North Dakota! Whether you are an indoor family or love the outdoors, there will be something for everyone. Don’t just take our world for it, even science shows that road trips are beneficial to family bonding and help create lasting memories. So reserve your van today and let AVR handle the rest of the planning...(more)

Houston to Little River Canyon National Preserve Alabama Road Trip

Check out Houston to Little River Canyon Nation Preserve Alabama Road Trip. This trip is fun filled the whole way through for the family or the group of friends. ..(more)