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Weekend Trip To Garner State Park? Get Out Of Houston And Head For Some Fun!

When people think of Texas they may get the idea that big things come from Texas, so there are probably big rolling plains and deserts across its lands that haven’t been paved yet with cities. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Texas is home to some amazing foliage and scenery. This weekend trip focuses on a rustic outdoor adventure in one of the most beautiful state parts in the United States.

Houston, Texas to Garner State Park: A rustic adventure with all the feelings of being home

Directions Here (may include toll roads)

4 hours 31 minutes and 299 miles if starting from our Houston location

We know the drive is a bit far for it being a weekend trip, but it is well worth the early start to make it there by daybreak. Who knows, you may love it so much you decide to make it a full blown vacation. With Big Bend roughly 640 miles and 5 billion worlds away (qualifying it for far more than just a quick weekend road trip), Garner State Park is your best bet for a scenic adventure in the Great Outdoors. Camping is the way to go (just make sure to don a mask and load up on provisions at Buc-ee’s on the way), with campsites open for advanced reservation and offering amenities like picnic tables, outdoor grills, fire pits, and water and electricity. If that’s a bit too rusticated for you, try glamping at the full-on lodges, which feature kitchens, bathrooms, beds, and most importantly, A/C. You won’t be floating the winding Frio in the cooler weather (it’s called the Frio for a reason), but you can take a hike through the park’s 1,700+ acres of beautiful foliage (which get even more beautiful as the leaves change color). Hikers and bikers can enjoy 16 miles of picturesque trails, with wildlife viewing, a 30-foot-deep cave, breathtaking rock overlooks, and towering, shady oaks. Sleep under the stars and cozy up next to the fire.


The rustic journey isn’t for everyone, but we always find a way to accommodate everyone’s tastes. The indoor options that act like fully fledged homes, give you all the comforts, while still letting you experience the outdoors. AVR is dedicated to helping your family make new memories safely this year. Come do travel the AVR way. AVR, because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.

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