Terms and Conditions

Please read the rental terms and conditions for Airport Van Rental of Denver South

Terms and Conditions


Renters must be 21 years or older to rent. Rates listed online are for 25 years and older. A valid driver license and valid payment card must be presented at time of pick-up.

International Driver License: Valid International driver license is required. Insurance required be purchased at counter to drive here in the US. Required to purchase Liability Waiver.

It is our policy to hold reservations up to two hours beyond the scheduled arrival time, subject to published office hours. If you experience delays, please contact the rental office so that they can make their best effort to extend your reservation.

Young Driver Fee: Minimum Age for any rental is 21. Any renter between the ages of 21-24 will be subject to a $25.00 per day underage fee.

Additional Drivers:

Additional drivers must provide a valid driver license as well as additional contact information.Primary Driver Free + Additional driver $11.95/day

21-24.All drivers are required to have state minimum liability protection. (Underage fee applies to any driver under the age of 25 no exceptions)


Credit cards accepts Amex, Discover, MasterCard and Visa Credit card/ Debit card policy: Debit card must have a Visa or MasterCard logo. Debit card/Credit card and driver’s license must be in same name. Required at time of rental.AVR will authorize the amount of the rental and an additional X amount (depending if debit of credit) as a security deposit. Unused funds upon return will be credited back to the card. This process may take up to 14 days for a credit to appear back on your account due to bank processing standards

Debit Card Users:

AVR will authorize a hold of $250.00 as a security deposit; and local Renters must provide proof of residency (Current Utility Bill or Pay Stub) and a copy of personal vehicle insurance if applicable. Travelers must provide a copy of their round trip ticket. This process may take up to 14 days for a credit to appear back on your account due to bank processing standards.

Major Credit Card Users:

AVR will authorize the amount of the rental as well as an additional $150.00 as a security deposit. Due to bank processing, any credits may take up to 5 days to appear back in your account.

Prepaid Cards/Personal Checks:

Prepaid cards or personal checks are not accepted as forms of payment.

Cash Users:

Cash deposits are not accepted at the time of rental, but can be used as payment upon return, on the location.


Special mileage restrictions apply to:

Wheel Chair Accessible Vans: Limited to 150 free miles a day. Additional miles at $0.25/mile per mile.

Cargo Vans: Limited to 100 free miles per day. Additional miles at $0.25/mile

One Way Rentals: AVR offers nationwide one way drop offs for a fee. Please contact your renting office for pricing details.

Local Renter Policy:

Local Renters are defined as living within a 120 mile radius of the renting location.

Credit Card Use Policy: Local Renters will be subject to a $200 deposit in addition to the cost of the rental.

Debit Card Use Policy: Local Renters will be required to provide a utility bill with an address that matches the renters license. Debit Cards will also be subject to a $200 deposit on top of rental charges. If your address has changed or updated, we will accept two bills with your new address that does not match your license.

Local Renter Mileage Policy:

Local Renters are subject to 250 miles per day on each vehicle class. Additional miles will be charged at $0.25 + taxes and fees.


Cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to rental are at no charge. Failure to change and cancel. Cancellations made within this 48 hour period prior to your rental are subject to a one day rental charge. We ask that you cancel your reservation directly with the rental office and if you reserve on any third party site please be sure to cancel with them to avoid any cancellation fees.

Late Returns or Extensions: Any late returns or extensions will be subject to a higher daily or weekly rate. Please check with your renting office if you need to extend your rental.

Delayed Pickups: Reservations will be honored for 2 hours after your scheduled pickup time only. Please make sure to call your renting office if you are going to be delayed more than 2 hours.

After Hour Drop Off: A $20.00-$30.00 one time after hour parking fee will apply if leaving van at rental location after office hours or inside the Airport.

After Hour Drop Off

DIA- AIRPORT RENTER – Return vehicle to USAirport Parking located at 18300 E. 81st Ave. Commerce City, CO 80022. When entering lot you’ll receive a parking ticket. Leave parking ticket in cup holder. Follow lot personnel directions where to park. Leave keys under driver seat and leave doors unlocked. (This is a secure lot) Then call 303-945-5576 and leave a voicemail including primary renter’s last name and LOT letter & ROW #, so that in the morning an agent can retrieve the vehicle and email you a final receipt. Parking at the USAirport Parking is subject to a fee of $25.00.

DEN- 1350 PARKER ROAD LOCATION (NO AIRPORT SHUTTLE) – Park vehicle in parking spot east of building. Lock vehicle. Drop keys in gold key drop box located to the right of front door. Then call 303-945-5576. If no answer please leave a voicemail including primary renter’s last name and location of return, so that in the morning an agent can retrieve the vehicle and email you a final receipt. After hours drop off is subject to a fee of $20.00.


Additional protection is available for all vehicles at the time of rental. We advise that you check with your personal insurance company for any coverage details, if you are deciding to use your own coverage.

Collision Damage Waiver: AVR Van Rental offers to all renters CDW, collision Damage Waiver, which for an additional daily charge relieves the renter of all financial responsibility for the damage the rental car, as long as the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement. CDW does not cover theft of the vehicle. Cost is depending on the vehicle type and rental location- the exact amount is available at the rental counter.

Rental Liability Waiver (RLP): Primary insurance protecting you against claims made by third party for bodily inquiry and/or property damage sustained while operating the rental vehicle, up to the required financial responsibility limits of the state in which the vehicle is rented. This does not cover all situations that may arise while operating a rental vehicle. NOT AVAILABLE IN DENVER.

Supplemental Liability Waiver (SLI): This coverage is excess over underlying insurance specific within your signed rental agreement up to $1,000,000.00 dollars. SLI protects you against claims made by third party for bodily injury and/or property damage sustained as a result of an accident while operating the rental vehicle. This does not cover all situations that may arise while operating a rental vehicle.

Mexico Insurance: AVR Van Rental offers the purchase of Mexico Insurance, on vehicle rentals. Mexico insurance required to be purchased at the AVR location 72 hours prior to travel to Mexico. Rates start at $45.00 per calendar day including tax. Travel is allowed to cities in Mexico close to California and Arizona border. NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA.


If you do not pay cash for tolls or the roadway does not accept cash payment you automatically opt into our toll service, pursuant to which you agree to pay us or our toll program administrator, with whom we will share your credit card/debit information, for all tolls incurred during your rental and all related fees, charges and penalties. Under the Toll program, once you pass through an electronic toll, you will pay a convenience fee of $4.95 for each day of the entire rental period, including any days on which Toll service is not used, up to a maximum of $24.75 per rental month plus incurred tolls at the maximum prevailing rates posted by the toll authority. You can avoid the convenience fee and any other charges by paying the toll in cash, using your electronic toll device, or avoiding any cashless toll road or passage. The charges may take 4-8 weeks after the rental to be billed to your credit card/debit card on file.


AVR will provide hand controls at no additional charge. A 72 Hrs. advanced notice is required and renter needs to contact the location directly by phone prior to rental.


Roadside Assistance Program (RSA): If you purchase our Roadside Service Assistance (RSA) we will waive all, or a portion of, the cost of a roadside assistance service call up to the amount of $400.00 per incident. You may purchase RSA at $3.99 per rental day. Benefits include emergency road service towing, winching, jump start, flat tire change, lockout service, and emergency fuel delivery. Some restrictions apply ask for a copy of an RSA brochure at the rental counter.


Minimum $99.00 cleaning fee will be added to any vehicle that has been smoked in pet hair or excessively dirty.


Bring copy of non-profit organization and Tax exempt Id.


Renter is responsible for any parking and/or toll violations incurred during the rental period. Any toll fees must be paid by the renter before entering any toll roads or bridges/crossings.

Any toll evasion notices received by AVR will be paid immediately and an administrative fee $6.00 will be added to the original violation amount.

Renters that receive a parking ticket have 10 days to pay the ticket before AVR receives a second notice. Upon receiving the second notice, AVR will immediately pay the violation and a $55.00 administrative fee will be applied to the original ticket amount.