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20 Road Trips from Houston, Texas

What to Expect on Your Road Trips from Houston

If you are living in Houston and looking to explore nearby or cross-state locations, there are plenty of options that you can select from. 

Read on for a fantastic overview of major tourist destinations that you can explore on weekends or plan to visit on your extended vacation. 

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20 Road Trips from Houston, Texas

Houston is famous for its cosmopolitan vibe and stunning drives that take you through the Texas deserts and the beaches of the Gulf. Let’s explore some Texas road trips that can give you endless opportunities to reach some amazing destinations with family and friends. 

Galveston, TX

Galveston in Texas is an amazing Southern retreat that’s only 50 miles from Houston and hardly an hour's drive. The hour-long drive from Houston to Galveston is fun-filled and gives you a glimpse of historic architecture. You can add this to your bucket list for the next weekend adventure. If you are visiting with kids, the location is full of amusement parks, waterparks, and spring boutiques that are ideal places to stop in. 

Austin, TX

Houston to Austin is just a 162-mile journey that will take about 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach. Barton Springs is home to four natural water springs and is a popular recreational center in Austin, Texas that you can visit for a one-day weekend tour. Head towards the Texas Hill Country if you want to see the second-largest granite dome in the US. 

Dallas, TX

Planning to visit Dallas from Houston? Rent a car for a comfortable road trip. And if you’re looking for a more casual destination, Fort Worth is a nearby location to visit. The 3-hour and 55-minute journey is vibrant and worth exploring. Want to explore the truly historic sites in America? You may also want to plan a trip to nearby Waco on a longer vacation. 

San Antonio, TX

Heard about the Battle of the Alamo? Visit the heart of Texas — the Alamo — and unveil the historical treasures that date back to the 18th century. If you are driving to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, the overall drive time is 3 hours and 20 minutes, which is pretty comfortable to cover during weekend or even one-day trips.  

Big Bend National Park, TX 

Big Bend National Park is an ideal option for those who want to go on a long road trip. The entire journey from Houston to Big Bend National Park is 563 miles and takes approximately 9 hours via Interstate 10 W. The largest part of the park includes the Chihuahuan desert and Chisos mountain range. Hiking and sightseeing are some fun things to do in the park. 

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Enchanted Rock, TX

Want to take your family on a weekend trip that starts Friday evening and ends mid-Sunday? Rent a car for a drive to Enchanted Rock from Houston that takes nearly 4 hours and 24 minutes. Camping, hiking, cycling, biking, glamping, and rock climbing are some of the activities you can enjoy. 

Galveston Island, TX

Galveston Island is a mesmerizing location on the Texas Gulf Coast that takes only 1 hour and 5 minutes to reach. Sandy shores, delicious cuisines at top-rated restaurants, and historic architecture are some of the highlights of this charming beach. Enjoy boating, kayaking, water rafting, or simply river walks on scenic trails. 

Brazos Bend State Park, TX 

An ultimate destination when you want to enjoy a day-long round trip. Yes, the 42.8 miles hardly takes 1 hour via I-69 and you can visit the park with family or friends. The visiting hours are between 8 A.M. and 10 P.M. and the entry ticket costs $7 for visitors aged 13 and older. Just beware of alligators!

Inks Lake State Park, TX

Located in Burnet County, the Inks Lake State Park is famous for hilly landscapes full of oak, cedar, yuccas, and prickly pear cacti. The hiking trails are beautiful and the camping sites are amazingly fascinating — your kids will love the adventure!

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Huntsville, TX 

If you are looking to spend a day away from the regular hectic schedule, visit Huntsville to explore the free attractions of a small town. The Gibbs Powell House, Lake Oolooteka, Sam Houston Statue, and the Wynne Home Arts are some free-of-cost centers you can visit. 

Port Aransas Beach, TX

Visiting Port Aransas in Texas is amazing as you can get the opportunity to explore not just one, but over ten beaches. Isn’t that amazing? Starting from Houston, you will reach Corpus Christi, a town in Port Aransas Beach 3 hours and 16 minutes away. Explore the beauty of the natural area and enjoy white water rafting with kids.

Fredericksburg, TX 

Known for wineries and breweries, Fredericksburg in Texas is a city with German heritage —  a cultural history that you can witness at the Pioneer Museum. If you are planning to reach Fredericksburg from Houston, you will need at least two days for a round trip as a one-way journey takes approximately 4 hours and 5 minutes.

South Padre Island, TX

Want to take a week off from the hustle and bustle of city life? Book your room in the resort town of South Padre Island and rejuvenate yourself in a home-like environment away from home. The 374 miles journey will take 5 hours and 40 minutes to reach the resort. 

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque in New Mexico is unarguably one of the best road trips when you are up for a week-long holiday. The road trip is time-consuming and takes 13 hours 10 minutes, so, flying may be more convenient as it only takes 2 hours to reach Albuquerque Airport. 

Explore the scenic views in New Mexico without adding miles to your vehicle. Rent a 12-passenger minivan for a comfortable journey. 

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM

If you leave for Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico from Houston, Texas, you will need to drive 10 hours and 15 minutes all the way to reach your destination. Fly to the El Paso International Airport and visit the national park and nearby areas via rental car. 

New Orleans, LA

The Louisiana city on Mississippi River, New Orleans is nick-named “Big-Easy” as it’s popular for its vibrant nightlife and bayou — the low-lying bodies of water. The city reflects a diverse African, French, and American culture. Rent an 8-seater SUV to drive the 348 miles all the way if you are planning a family tour to explore the city in style. 

Gulf Shores, AL

Explore the beaches, trails, and the zipline over the sand dunes by planning a trip to Gulf Shores in Alabama. You may either select to drive 520 miles, which will take nearly 8 hours and 25 minutes, or fly to the destination in less than 90 minutes. 

Pensacola, FL

Pensacola is a small city, yet one of the best places to visit in Florida. The 525 miles road-trip will take 8 hr 11 min or you can fly to Pensacola International Airport from Houston in 1hr 25min. If you are planning a week-long trip, pack your bags and explore Pensacola in Florida. 

Tulsa, OK

The city of Tulsa is known for its art deco architecture. The popular landmarks include Philtower and Philcade buildings that display 20th-century designs and contours. Don’t forget to visit the Gilcrease Museum, Philbrook Museum, the Cave House, Tulsa Zoo, and Tulsa Botanic Garden.

Memphis, TN

Memphis city in southwestern Tennessee lies along the Mississippi River. The flight time from Houston to Memphis is 1 hour and 30 minutes, while the road trip can take 9 hours and 11 minutes via the fastest route I-30 E. Enjoy the hot springs and wildlife throughout the trip. 

Bonus Locations

Interested in exploring more breathtaking locations from Houston? Check out our honorable mentions and add a few to your list:

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