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Passenger Van or Car for Your Next Road Trip?

Passenger Van or Car for Your Next Road Trip?

Road trips are the yearly tradition for some families when everyone piles into the family vehicle for some nice bonding time. If you’re piling into a small sedan or other mid-size SUV’s you may find yourself going stir crazy fast and the lack of personal or resting space will cause tempers to flare. That is where the passenger van comes in! Many travelers have swapped from using their own vehicle, to renting a spacious passenger van that has ample room for everyone. Not only does this give more cargo space and freedom in terms of personal space, but the miles also you are going to tack on for your trip, won’t be on your personal vehicle. Trust us, that wear and tear adds up fast.

Journey with us through this brief guide and see some of the many benefits that come with renting a passenger van for your next road trip or long travel.

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The Passenger Van is Mightier Than the Car

Passenger vans can look intimidating with their size and may cause some to think they won’t be able to drive it, but rest assured, they drive just like any other vehicle and the newer models come equipped with all sorts of travel comfort features.

Renting a passenger van over a car can provide several benefits, including:

1.      Increased passenger capacity: Passenger vans can typically seat up to 15 people, while most cars only seat 5. This makes them ideal for group transportation or road trips with multiple passengers.

2.      More storage space: Passenger vans also have more storage space than most cars, making them perfect for transporting large items or luggage.

3.      Cost-effective: Renting a passenger van may be more cost-effective than renting multiple cars for a group of people.

4.      Safety: Passenger vans often have more safety features than cars, such as side-impact airbags and electronic stability control.

5.      Comfort: Passenger vans are typically more comfortable than cars for long trips, with more legroom and comfortable seating for all passengers.

6.      Convenience: Passenger vans are ideal for families or groups of friends who are going on a trip together. They are also ideal for airport transportation, corporate events, and weddings.

7.      Flexibility: Renting a passenger van allows for more flexibility in terms of route and itinerary. You can make spontaneous stops or detours without having to worry about coordinating multiple vehicles.

8.      Entertainment: Many passenger vans come equipped with entertainment systems, such as DVD players or screens, which can make the trip more enjoyable for all passengers.

9.      Climate control: Passenger vans often have better climate control than cars, which can be especially beneficial on a long road trip in hot or cold weather.

10.  Professionalism: Renting a passenger van is also a good option for businesses or organizations that want to transport employees or clients in a professional and comfortable manner.

11.  Accessibility: Some passenger vans are equipped with wheelchair ramps or elevators, making them an accessible option for people with mobility issues.

12.  Cost savings: Renting a passenger van can save money on accommodation and food expenses, as some passenger vans come equipped with sleeping areas and kitchen facilities.

Passenger vans just get the job done better and allow for more people to get in on the fun and even more cargo space to take things home with you from your journey. While they look big and intimidating, we believe that when you make the swap to one of these bad boys for your next road trip, you won’t ever go back to long car ride again. Make the most out of your travel and let AVR have your back every step of the way.

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