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8 Passenger Van Rental

Chevy Savana or Ford Transit

Vehicle Details

8 Passenger 4 Bags
4 Doors 23 Mpg
Automatic Transmis Dual A/C
AM/FM, CD player

Planning a road trip with friends, your team, large group, or have a great big family? Need a vehicle to get around town together and save money? Your journey begins with a 8 passenger van rental! Airport Van Rental makes it easy for you with our convenient rental locations. Let us make your event or road trip easier. Rent a 8 passenger van rental today!

8 Passenger Van Rentals for Your Road Trips, Getaways, and More

Did you know that the sport utility vehicle (SUV) accounted for nearly 9% of automobile sales in the US in mid-2021? The outstanding features and luxury comfort are what make mid-size and large-size SUVs popular among all age groups. 

As you prepare for an adventurous trip with your family or friends, don’t split your gang into two cars. Rent an 8 seater passenger van with enough space in all three rows to have a comfortable voyage. 

An 8 passenger minivan gives you enough space to take your family, including kids, spouse, and parents, all together on a vacation. It’s a budget-friendly option that fulfills all your traveling needs while adding more comfort (and enthusiasm!) to your trip. 

Specifications on Your 8 Passenger Van Rental

4 Doors

Easily accommodate up to 8 passengers effortlessly to give you an enhanced camping experience. With a 4-door design, you can buckle your kid or infant in their car seats with ease. Parents and grandparents can easily get in and out of the car without any hassle of climbing over seats. 

Automatic Transmission

Get enhanced driving comfort without the worry of shifting gears in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Going uphill is a breeze when you are driving a van full of passengers—automatic transmission is all about comfort and ease. 

23 MPG

Most of our minivans offer good fuel economy varying anywhere between 22 and 30 miles per gallon. You don’t have to stop multiple times at gas stations, eliminating the hurdle that interrupts your smooth driving experience when you’re traveling with family.

Dual Air Conditioning

Renting a minivan means turning your living space mobile for the next few hours. So, it has to be comfortable. The dual air conditioning ensures that all the passengers across three rows are enjoying the same vibes and have full control over the AC settings. Gone are the days of fighting over vehicle temperature! 

Models Offered

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit is an ideal option if you are looking to travel with 8 or more passengers. With high-end security features, the van can accommodate up to 15 passengers effortlessly. It’s an all-wheel drive option with Trailer Brake control, blind spot assist, parking assist, and more.  

Benefits of Van Rentals through AVR

Country-wide Car Rental Locations

From international airports to the countryside, AVR provides rental cars everywhere from Sacramento in California to Orlando, Florida. Tell us about your location details and the type of vehicle you need, we will assist you in hiring the best one. 

Pick Up Wherever Is Most Convenient for You

Our car rental services are not location restricted. We can provide you with an 8 passenger van, 12 passenger van, 15 passenger van, or cargo van across the US for your weekend trip. The rental vehicle drop-off location can be different from the pick-up location. 

World Class Customer Service

Our trained customer service team is available to offer you the best support for a convenient and comfortable road trip. For any kind of reservation, pick-up, drop-off, luggage capacity, or add-ons related queries, contact us today. 

A Focus on Families

At Airport Van Rental, your security is our priority. We take care of your family-specific needs and take every possible step to ensure delivering the best vehicle in the selected category. All vehicles from a Transit minivan to Dodge Grand Caravan integrate top-class security features.   

8 Passenger Van Rental FAQ

Does AVR also offer cargo van and minivan rentals?

Yes, we provide wide-ranging rental options from a cargo van to minivan rentals and 4 passenger vehicles such as SUVs or Honda Odysseys. We offer car rentals with a higher MPG rate and greater towing capacity. 

Will AVR match the rates of other rental companies?

At AVR, we always try to offer the best affordable car rental rates in comparison to other rental service companies. We have special deals and discounts for AAA and USAA members

Can I reserve an exact pick-up time?

Yes, you can call our rental reservation experts to book a vehicle for an exact pick-up time and pick-up date from a convenient outlet.  

See Why AVR Is the Ideal Rental Company for Large Groups

At AVR, we provide extensive and all-inclusive car rental services from large-size SUVs to 15 passenger vans. Pick an appropriate capacity passenger van that accommodates all your rental requirements. 

Our giant-sized vehicles are perfect for different purposes ranging from a family vacation to large group road trips. 

Also, you can rent a luxury BMW, a family-friendly Nissan, or a high capacity cargo van, such as Toyota Sienna or similar, at a relatively reasonable price. 

Streamline the Rental Process with Airport Van Rentals

Want to rent a car? Contact Airport Van Rental to choose a vehicle with or without a chauffeur

Call us today and we will help you pick the right passenger van by keeping in mind your rental needs and touring requirements. 

Why pay for a whole day when you rent a car for a few hours? Call us for the best car rental price and package.