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Our company has one simple mission: to make you a happy customer.

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Airport Van Rental is a family-owned company and we are active in the community. We have been in the vehicle rental business for over 12 years, renting all types of vehicles, and now specializing in Vans. We decided to become a van rental company because we felt it was an area we could do better in than any other company.

We are the recognized industry leader in Van Rentals. We were the first van rental company in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Ontario, Orange County, Las Vegas and Sacramento. We know from our years of experience and customer feedback, that the typical car rental company does not offer our specialized van rental personal service.

When you rent a regular car, most people have a general idea of its features. But getting the exact van rentals for their special needs often requires a phone call or two to make certain that you get the perfect van. And our customer agents welcome your phone calls and are thoroughly knowledgeable about all of the features of our extensive airport van rental fleet.

We have one goal - and that is to make you a happy customer. We know you want the best van rental company prices and the best service. So that's what we give you from the moment you walk in our doors. We want you to be so happy with us that you will come back again and again, and tell your family, friends and business associates that Airport Van Rental is the best!

Because we specialize in vans, we can concentrate on the special issues that people require when renting a van:

  1. Variety

    - no one van fits all!

  2. Service

    - You want your van ready and in first class condition when you arrive.

  3. No Worries

     - Our late model vans are maintained and serviced to the highest standards. We want you to leave our locations and travel in comfort and with peace of mind.

Check out one of our convenient locations and let us help you plan your next trip!

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