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Airport Van Rental offers the largest selection of 8-15 seat passenger vans for any occasion. Compare van features and options below to help find the right van for your travel needs.

7 Passenger Minivan

Dodge Caravan or similar

7 Passenger Minivan
Features and Options

7 Passenger 3 Bags
4 Doors 20 Mpg
Automatic Transmis Dual A/C

Minivan Rentals to Offer You More Space than Regular Car Rentals

Planning a long road trip or a family vacation? Then, a minivan with room for up to eight passengers is the perfect choice for you. Minivan rentals from Airport Van Rental (AVR) provide great comfort and unbeatable fuel efficiency at a price you will never get anywhere in the market.

Types of Minivan Rentals

7 Passenger Minivan

7-passenger minivan can accommodate up to seven passengers and three luggage bags. A few well-known models of 7-passenger minivans are Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona, and Nissan Quest. These vehicles provide spacious legroom, comfortable hand rests, and movable headrests.

8 Passenger Minivan

Many minivan models, including Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and Toyota Sienna, are available in 8-seater configurations too. You may specifically ask for an 8-seat minivan based on your requirements. These minivans can accommodate up to eight passengers when the second-row is fitted with a bench seat.

When Standard Car Rentals Just Aren’t Enough

Road trips where you'll need plenty of room

Long-distance road trips call for comfort and safety. Minivans increase passenger comfort with ample legroom, spacious seats, and cup-holders. Most minivans come with over 41 inches of front legroom and 40 inches of front headroom.

Vacations with the whole family

Family vacations are always special because they create memories one can cherish for a lifetime. When you are planning a vacation with the whole family, you should choose a vehicle that meets the needs of all family members. For instance, you may look for a vehicle that provides ample headroom for tall people, sufficient legroom for old-aged people, and entertainment for young people. With the perfect blend of all these features, minivans can make your family vacation more joyous than before.

When It Comes to Minivan Rentals, AVR is Unbeatable

Pick-up Locations That Are Convenient for You

Pick-up of a rental van is always a concern for vacationers. These concerns may increase further when the rental provider does not offer convenient pick-up locations. With over a dozen pick-up locations across the nation, pick-up will never be a worry with AVR.

Don’t have time to pick up the vehicle from our rental location? Don’t worry! We’ll deliver the vehicle directly to your location (delivery fees may apply).

Rental Options All Across the Country

AVR offers different rental options, including weekend car rentals, long-term car rentals, car seat rentals, car rentals with chauffeur services, handicap van rentals, and many more. No matter what your rental needs are, we’ll be able to meet them with the help of our robust fleet of vehicles, experienced chauffeurs, and affordable pricing structure.

Pick-up and Drop-off in Different Locations

With AVR, the pick-up and the drop-off locations don’t need to be the same. You can choose a drop-off location that is different from the pick-up location at your convenience.

Don’t have the time to drop off the vehicle at our rental location? No problem! We’ll arrange a pick-up of the van from your location (pick-up charges may apply).

Customer Support That's Always There for You

Not all vacation journeys are the same. Your traveling experience may vary based on road conditions, climate, traffic, and driving behaviors of other people. Specifically, adverse road conditions and floods may result in vehicle breakdown. Our customer support team is a phone call away during all these difficult situations to assist you. We use our network to ensure a towing service reaches you in time or arrange an alternative vehicle to make sure your vacation goes as per the plan.

Family-Owned Business Prioritizing Our Community

As a family-owned business, we don’t just rent vans. We create communities. We have a large community of regular vacationers who believe in our reliable van rental services. We prioritize our community and do our best to provide personalized support to them. By renting a van from us, you can become a part of this community and enjoy the perks we offer.

Minivan Rental FAQ

What if I can't make it to the pick-up location?

If you feel you can’t make it to the pick-up location, inform us a day before the scheduled pick-up date. We’ll arrange a drop-off for you at your desired location.

Does AVR offer unlimited gas mileage?

Yes, most of our car rentals come with unlimited gas mileage. For example, We don’t restrict you to an annual mileage limit of 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 on long-term van rentals like other renters do. We offer unlimited mileage on long-term van rentals.

Does AVR also offer passenger van and cargo van rentals?

Yes, AVR offers passenger van rentals and cargo van rentals. Our fleet comprises luxury 12 passenger vans and 15 passenger vans that meet your travel needs.

AVR Is Leagues Ahead of Other Rental Companies. Don’t Just Take Our Word for It.

AVR is leagues ahead of other rental companies in every aspect you take. Be it the quality of vehicles, customer support, prices, discount coupons, rewards, rental locations, and the flexibility in pick-up and drop-off of vehicles, we set the bar above your expectations. We also offer chauffeur services along with car rentals. AVR runs a wide range of coupons, promotional codes, and discounts that enable you to book vehicles at a great price.

Rent a Minivan with AVR Today

AVR is an industry leader in minivan car rentals. We are recognized for our reliable services, a premium fleet of vehicles, flexible renting options, and personalized customer support. Minivans with features such as automotive transmission, ample legroom, dual A/C, and airbags covering all onboard passengers are the perfect choice for your road trip or family vacation.

Book a minivan with AVR today for your next trip to receive huge discounts on rental prices through our weekly promo blasts, corporate perks program, and pay-now option.