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Beautiful Scenic Road Trip From Denver To Yellowstone National Park

With Thanksgiving coming up and the kids having a break from school, why not make this year’s festivities extra special with a road trip. Not just any road trip though, an AVR journey that has tons of amazing, hand-picked stops along the way. Here at AVR, we feel every step of the journey should be just as fun as the destination. That is why our hand-picked stops are always teeming with fun activities for the whole family. Whether you are an indoor family or love the outdoors, there will be something for everyone. Don’t just take our world for it, even science shows that road trips are beneficial to family bonding and help create lasting memories. So, reserve your van today and let AVR handle the rest of the planning.


Cheyenne Wyoming: Live the legend

1 hour 35 minutes and 101 miles, if starting from Downtown Denver

Nothing captures the legendary west quite like Cheyenne. This town is full of culture and spirit bound to get the family journey off to a great start. We recommend you start with a tour through the historic state museum. That way you can get a sense of what Cheyenne is all about. That isn’t the only museum available in Cheyenne, as it boasts quite a few ranging from old west museums to the depot museum. Don’t worry if museums aren’t your family’s or crew’s forte, Cheyenne offers a bevy of shopping, state parks for scenic hikes and picnics, botanic gardens, breweries for adults and so much more. You may want to spend the night here to fully take in what Cheyenne has to offer. If that is the case, lodging can be found at very affordable prices. Cheyenne is not world renowned for food, but there are quite a few local favorites you should sample while here. When it is time to move on from Cheyenne, GasBuddy has you covered with the most affordable fueling. This journey is just getting started.

Casper, Wyoming: Historic Trails and Museums Galore

2 hours 32 minutes and 179 miles, if coming from Cheyenne our previous suggested stop

4 hours 7 minutes and 280 miles, if coming from downtown Denver

This unknown, hidden gem is jam-packed with museums and historic trails. Casper will feed your inner curiosity and satisfy the history buff in the family. If outdoorsy activities are more your thing, there are plenty of scenic falls and river trails. There is plenty to do and see here in Casper, so you will probably want to spend the night. There is plenty of affordable lodging for any budget, so rest easy. Breakfast is done right here, with Casper being home to one eggceptional place. You have to check out Eggington’s, which a breakfast place that has some amazing options. Be sure to check out other amazing food options Casper has to offer. GasBuddy has you covered with some cheap fueling options, so be sure to refuel before heading out.

Cody, Wyoming: Where history and nature collide

3 hours 24 minutes and 214 miles, if coming from Casper, our previous suggested stop

7 hours 31 minutes and 494 miles, if coming from downtown Denver

Even though all of our stops happen to be in Wyoming, each offers its on unique charm and Cody is no different. Cody, Wyoming is home to some amazing sites of natural beauty and historic wonder with its many museums dedicated to the old west of the past. Be sure to take a walk down Old Trail Town or even sign up for a ghost town tour. If you want to pay the extra money, you can even sign up for private canyon or river tours, that take you near the fabled Yellowstone. Don’t worry if you want to keep the sightseeing free, Cody has beautiful Buffalo Bill Reservoir and Shoshone National Forest to explore. With so much to do and being so close to Yellowstone, you may want to spend a few nights here or even make this your home base for Yellowstone exploration. Lodging is very affordable here and with Yellowstone being only an hour away, it is quite a good option. Local food options are abundant here, so take a look at this independent blog that highlights some local favorites. If you decided to venture closer to Yellowstone for camping or closer lodging purposes, be sure to use GasBuddy for the cheapest fuel. Next stop is Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park Wyoming: Uncover natural beauty at its finest

1 hour 1 minute and 52 miles, if coming from Cody, our previous suggested stop

Yellowstone National Park is a major American tourist attraction that offers hydrothermal and geologic wonders, in addition to so much more. Planning a summer vacation with the family or crew? Yellowstone offers hiking trails, wildlife watches, camping in back country, boating, fishing, and exploration of thermal basins. There is so much to do, you’ll never want to leave after seeing the wonders Yellowstone has to offer. With various lodging and eating options, there is no rush! Even if you are planning a winter vacation, Yellowstone has exciting attractions including snowmobiles and skiing. Of course no trip to Yellowstone can be complete without visiting Old Faithful. There are various other geysers at Yellowstone and predictions of eruption times can be seen here. With some much natural and robust history and geological phenomenon to explore, Yellowstone is the perfect family trip during a time of social distancing.

There is no one way to do a vacation, but there is a right way to vacation smart and safely. AVR is here to help your family or crew vacation the right way. That is why we are dedicated to helping our customers not only pick the best van for the trip, but plan the stops as well. With a spacious AVR van and a full family trip laid out that offers safe social distancing options, you are not just ready to vacation the right way; you are ready to vacation the AVR way. Because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.


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