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Breathe Taking Road Trip From Las Vegas to Theodore Roosevelt National Park In North Dakota

With Thanksgiving coming up and the kids having a break from school, why not make this year’s festivities extra special with a road trip. Not just any road trip though, an AVR journey that has tons of amazing, hand-picked stops along the way. Here at AVR, we feel every step of the journey should be just as fun as the destination. That is why our hand-picked stops are always teeming with fun activities for the whole family. Whether you are an indoor family or love the outdoors, there will be something for everyone. Don’t just take our world for it, even science shows that road trips are beneficial to family bonding and help create lasting memories. So reserve your van today and let AVR handle the rest of the planning.

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Cedar City, Utah: Come uncover this gem!

2 hours 34 minutes, 171 miles if starting from downtown Vegas

Your adventure starts off in beautiful Cedar City, Utah! This gem you are about to uncover is bursting with outdoors and indoor activities alike. It makes for a wonderful fall scenic stop with the changing colors of the season. From cascade falls trail, to dixie national forest, a winery for adults, aquatic center for the kids, and even a Shakespearean theatre and festival, there is something for the whole family to get in on. This is definitely a place you will want to stay a night or two and really soak in all Cedar City has to offer. Lodging can be found at very affordable rates, so you can rest easy knowing your money is wisely spent. Even tourist blogs rave about the many activities Cedar City has to offer. Check out this amazing blog that even has a list of their favorite local places to eat. Real people giving real favorites, whats not to like! When the time finally comes to leave, be sure to use GasBuddy to find the cheapest fueling options. So much fun can be had here in Cedar City and that is only stop number one.


Salt Lake City, Utah: Never a dull moment here.

3 hours 34 minutes, 250 miles if coming from Cedar City, our previous suggested stop

6 hours 8 minutes, 421 miles if coming from downtown Vegas

Our next stop still keeps the Utah fun going, but brings the family to a vast city packed with outdoor activities and family fun. Salt Lake City is teeming with activities the entire family can enjoy and even offers a blast from the past Dad and Mom can get behind. Salt Lake City is one of only 15 places that offers a drive-in movie. Dad and Mom can reminisce about the old days, while the kids stay entertained. For those families that can’t get enough of outdoor activities, be sure to check out the salt flats, Red Butte Gardens, Grandeur Peak, and more. If your journey is more of a romantic or adult getaway, there is local wine tasting and breweries for adult fun. Various lodging options are available for any budget and gas buddy has you covered for some cheap refuel options. Be sure to check out great local food options as well before heading back out on the road. Salt Lake City is a staple for any road trip and travel blogs agree. AVR is dedicated to picking stops and destinations that are guaranteed to keep the family fun alive. Every stretch of the journey matters to AVR because your family fun and safety matters.

Rexburg, Idaho: Idaho is more than just potatoes. Trust us.

3 hours 24 minutes, 240 miles if coming from Salt Lake, our previous suggested stop

9 hours 32 minutes, 661 miles  if coming from downtown Vegas

Not a lot of people know much about Idaho unless you live there and you have probably never heard of Rexburg either. Just because a place isn’t well known, doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. Rexburg is teeming with activities to do. There is an entire blog list of 59 things to do, but I will mention a few favorites that stand out. Star gazing is something everyone can enjoy, and it is easy to do in Rexburg at night. Feeling adventurous? Go spelunking in the Civil Defense Caves and see what amazing things you can uncover. If your family or crew wants something more laid back, there are plenty of nature walks you can go on. Water type activities of all sorts are offered at Rexburg and they even have an entire park dedicated to it. You know the kids will love that. Feel like watching a move from your car? Rexburg is one of the lasting places you can see a drive-in-movie. If your family or crew loves a good scare, be sure to tour the local ghost towns. Local eats can be found all over, but be sure to check out this list and find what suits your family’s or crew’s taste best. Lodging can be found all over at affordable prices and trust us, you are going to want to spend a night or two if you can, enjoying all Rexburg has to offer. When the time comes to hit the road again, be sure to use GasBuddy for the cheapest fueling option. The next stop is a bit of a drive so feel free to break it up with a stop near West Yellowstone or Idaho Falls for a scenic rest and picnic.

Billings, Montana: Don’t worry it’s not a bill, its full of fun!

5 hours 6 minutes, 311 miles if coming from Rexburg, our previous suggested stop