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Brethtaking Road Trips From San Francisco California

5 Breathtaking Road Trips From San Francisco

One of the best perks of living in San Francisco is that there is no end to the adventures that could be had in and around the city. Each destination is distinctive — and can be enjoyed on a road trip. The following are some of the best road trips that you can do from San Francisco, California.

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California's Wine Country


As the country recovers from the Coronavirus pandemic, now is the best time to explore California's sprawling wine country. Start the trip with a visit to Napa Valley and proceed to sample the special wine at the Oxbow market. Your journey to Napa Valley should also include stops at the many vineyards found on the road, such as the Tank Garage Winery and the Addendum Vineyards.

Your next stop should be Sonoma County, and if you have not taken your breakfast yet, consider checking out the Spinster Sisters for a sumptuous meal. On your way to the town of Sonoma, make a quick stop at the Charles M. Schulz. The museum hosts many priceless historical artefacts, some of which relate to California's wine history.



Highway 1 South connects San Francisco to Pescadero. Harley Goat Farm is the first significant attraction along this scenic highway. To reach the farm, follow Stage Road and then divert to the Pescadero Creek Road. There will be a farm of goats on the left. You may also see some llamas grazing on the field. The farm's management offers a comprehensive educational tour on how the goats are reared as well as the nutritious nature of their milk.

Your next stop on this road trip should be the Pescadero State Beach. This is a sandy beach that is ideal for a weekend picnic. Besides the endless layers of sand, the beach also has three parking lots. Your kids will enjoy the blowing Pacific wind and get to build castles in the sand.

Muir Woods National Monument


From San Francisco, take the US 101 Highway. About half an hour later, you will arrive at the entrance of the Muir Woods National Monument. The national monument has a forest that is filled with coastal redwood trees. Hikes along the Pacific Ocean are usually made more exciting by the presence of a thick marine fog. However, the temperature can drop to unfavorable levels, sometimes reaching as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The hiking trails pass through redwood trees that are hundreds of years old.

You can start your hike at Mount Tamalpais and then proceed to a tower used for fire monitoring. To get the best experience, start your trip from San Francisco early in the morning. That way, you will avoid the traffic and will be able to finish the hike in time. It's also better to make the road trip on a weekday because the park can get crowded on weekends.

Yosemite National Park