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Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport Guide

Texas is a big state, but that shouldn’t intimidate you from exploring and enjoying one of the busiest airports in the United States. AVR wants to make your visit to Dallas as easy as possible and this guide is sure to set your mind at ease. From rest options, lodging if available, eateries, and more, this guide will be your ticket to being a pro when it comes to DFW.


This busy airport is structured like most others with terminals usually catering to a specific airlines or another and some sort of tram that runs between the terminals. DFW’s layout is very similar to other airports and only has one main building that houses its terminals. You can see a complete interactive map of the airport layout here. Signage will be enough to get you easily around from terminal to terminal and you will encounter plenty of hand sanitization stations and bathrooms along the way. Terminal D is a heavy international terminal but will house most of the airport lounges that we will touch on shortly. Charge your laptops and other electronic devices for free at seated power stations located throughout the airport. For travelers who may be traveling without a laptop, there are some stations that offer a computer with internet access. Complimentary wi-fi is included so feel free to hunker down anywhere and catch up on some work or your favorite tv show.

Entertainment and Eating

Just because you are stuck in an airport doesn’t mean you can’t find anything fun to do or a cool place to eat something different. DFW is full of artwork that you can admire for free and its quite a massive collection boasting over 30 artwork installations. There are yoga studios for those that want to get active, stretch, or even meditate. These are located at gates D40 and E31. These are designated quiet zones, so feel free to relax in peace. If you want to unwind with a relaxing trip to the spa, there are many express spa options within the airport. You can also find showers at many airport lounges, though you may have to pay a fee to use them if not a certain status with the airline or a card holder.

In terms of eating options, DFW has no shortage of killer food you should try. Below is a list of our favorite spots and where you can find them.

·         Blue Mediterranean Gate A9

·         Cousin’s Bar-B-Q Gate B12 or B43

·         Pappasito’s Cantina C19

·         Shinsei D31

·         Love Shack E12

Long Layover?

No body likes a long layover and being stuck at the airport for hours can sap the fun out of any day or trip. Don’t let your day be wasted stuck inside the airport. DFW offers 3 on site hotels that are all Hyatt brands and some minute suites for a short rest and recoup before the flight. The Grand Hyatt is in Terminal D, The Hyatt Regency in Terminal C, and the Hyatt Place near the rental car plaza within DFW. The minute suites are in Terminal D as well and offer a room with a bathroom that can be used to quietly work or rest while awaiting your flight. If you have more than 6 hours, consider going out and exploring some nearby attractions Dallas has to offer. Taking a stroll down Main Street in Downtown Dallas is always a blast or even visit the Dallas World Aquarium to take in some real beauty.

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