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Dallas to the Grand Canyon Road Trip!

Dallas Journey to the Grand Canyon

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Getting to your destination is the ultimate goal, but how fast you can get there shouldn’t be the focus. Sure plane rides are the hip way to travel, but right now they aren’t the safest option with COVID still present. Road trips not only offer a safer way, but studies show they make the entire experience more memorable for kids. So why not ditch the plane for some old-fashioned road trip fun and soak up the full experience of the journey. AVR fully believes that every stretch of the journey should be a fun one and that is exactly what this all about. With hand-picked stops guaranteed to excite the whole family, AVR has your back.

Amarillo, Texas: Everything is bigger in Texas, so stay no need to rush it.

5 hours 31 minutes, 364 miles if starting from downtown Dallas via I-287N

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the state itself. There is no need to rush the drive and get out of Texas, as it has some amazing things to offer. Amarillo offers such a wide variety of activities, there is sure to be something for even the pickiest of the family. From real cowboy and cowgirl experiences, classic cars, and botanical gardens, every taste gets satisfied. Amarillo is even located near historic Route 66, which is a famed attraction loved by all. Lodging is available for all budgets, so there is no need to rush the fun. That way you can rest up and head out the next day knowing you had a nice time taking in some of the best Amarillo has to offer. Be sure to try some local favorites for takeout or delivery. GasBuddy also has you covered with the cheapest fueling options, so you can refuel without breaking the bank on your way out. This stop is sure to get the family revved up for what else the journey has to offer.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: Ghost tours that aren’t for the faint of heart and much more

4 hours 15 minutes, 288 miles if coming from Amarillo, our previous suggested stop

9 hours 46 minutes, 652 miles if coming from downtown Dallas

Albuquerque is home to some very unique attractions that are sure to get the adrenalin pumping. From scary ghost tours, to soaring high in a hot-air balloon, you will get your fill of excitement. There are some more mundane attractions as well, like a fun scavenger hunt or museums, for those that are more laid back. Lodging is very affordable, so the family can spend the night if need be and have more time for the city. There is an abundance of local food favorites, but be sure to try some interesting ones Albuquerque has to offer. GasBuddy always has you covered with the cheapest fuel options, so you can get the most out of your gas budget. Whether you stay for the day or stay overnight, Albuquerque will not disappoint. This hand-picked stop from AVR will have the family totally sold on the journey. Best part is, you haven’t even reached your destination yet. AVR, because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.

Flagstaff, Arizona: Come see the beauty within

4 hours 47 minutes, 323 miles if coming from Albuquerque, our previous suggested stop

14 hours 34 minutes, 975 miles if coming from downtown Dallas

You know the journey is going to be good when this many amazing stops are right along the route to your destination. Sure, going off the beaten path can lead to some spontaneous finds, but sometimes the best journey is the most straightforward one. Flagstaff is home to some amazing sights and attractions that are sure to get the whole family in on the fun. From stargazing, brewing companies for the adults, hiking trails, and museums, Flagstaff has it all. There is even a casino in the area if you wanted to try your luck at some responsible gambling. With so much to do, your crew or family will probably want to take up one of Flagstaff’s various lodging options. That way you can spend some time really exploring all the city has to offer. With so many great food options, you’ll definitely want to try them all. Gas isn’t the cheapest here, but GasBuddy still has you covered so you can find the best value. With the Grand Canyon being a short drive away, this makes for the perfect stop to rest up, refuel, and stock up on any last-minute supplies. Next stop, The Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon, Arizona: A natural wonder that must be seen