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Denver International Airport Guide

Terminal and entrance

Flying can be stressful for anyone, especially if it’s your first time, but COVID has added a whole new stress element to flying and it isn’t because of being afraid of heights. AVR is here to help you relax and make the most of your airport excursion by giving out some helpful tips. Face masks are required, so you should bring your own, but if in the haste of packing you forgot, face masks can be acquired before entering the airport at vending machines and concession stands. Denver airport has tons of hand sanitizer machines plastered across it, so you will always be in arms reach of one. Though convenient, nothing beats standard hand washing, and it is recommended that you do so once you are through security, as you may have touched surfaces that are foreign to you.



Denver airport uses plexiglass to separate the security official and you during your interaction. This is usually only for the security official that checks your license but can be extended to the belt section of security that checks your carry-on bag and has you pass through the metal detector. Though you can’t be behind plexiglass while going through the metal detector or being scanned, you can use social distancing to make sure you are not crowded with the people in front of you or behind you, as you deposit items into the bin or walk through the scanners. Once you have passed through security, hand sanitizer is available for an immediate cleanse, but you should wash your hands after you get to your desired gate.


Like most airports, Denver has a train that runs through the airport to various concourses, and it can get crowded. Center train cars are usually less crowded, and you should do your best to social distance while riding the train. Do hold on to bars or rails, if need be, as the trains in Denver are cleaned extremely often and it is safer than taking a bad tumble while the train is in motion. You should always wash your hands thoroughly after touching any train surface to be on the safe side anyway. COVID tests are available post-security at Concourse B. This does mean you have to be a ticketed passenger, but if you have made it past security, you likely are. These tests are open 8:30am-6pm every day and offer two options. A cheaper 75-dollar version that takes 2-3 days for results, or a more expensive test for 200-dollar, but will yield results within 15 minutes or so. Appointments can be made ahead of time and more info can be found here.

Dining Option

Denver airport has a great selection of restaurants and even local breweries inside the airport. A local favorite that you have to try and it recently expanded into the airport is a place called Root Down. This amazing restaurant offers unique version of vegetable focused modern American comfort food, sustainable line-caught seafood and certified humane pasture-raised meats - setting a new standard of culinary excellence, food sourcing ethics and wellness-based cuisine. This restaurant is located in Concourse C of the Airport. Concourse A and B both have some amazing options as well. For Concourse A, we recommend Snarf’s Sandwiches. This local favorite offers amazing subs at great prices. Nothing beats a well-crafted sandwich and heart-warming bowl of soup. For Concourse B, we recommend Elway’s. Get a taste of the Rockies with a visit to Elway’s. With Colorado-themed appetizers and entrees, this is the place for those looking for a good steak on your way to that next business meeting. Featuring hand-cut USDA prime steaks, fresh fish, and much more – all complete with a full bar. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you would like a list of restaurants that are offered at the Denver Airport, a compete list can be found here.

Relaxing during long layovers

Layovers suck and the last thing you want to do, is be stuck at the airport all day or even worse, overnight. Thankfully the Denver airport has you covered with a full-fledged hotel that is literally connected to the airport. That’s right, Denver airport has a Westin hotel located in it. I know what you are thinking. What if I am stuck here all day, but not overnight? The Denver airport West hotel offers something called a day rate. This room can only be booked in person at the airport and not online, so please don’t try to book a day rate ahead of time. A day rate is 50% off the overnight rate and allows you access to the room between the hours of noon and midnight. This gives anyone a chance to freshen up, relax, and enjoy some piece and quiet while waiting for your flight. For more information about this, please contact the Westin at the Denver airport personally.

Gate and Plane

Hand dryers and drinking fountains are disabled to stop the spread of germs during the COVID pandemic, so make sure you purchase water from a vending machine or concession stand if you get thirsty. There are disinfectant wipes available at each gate, so you can grab some to take on board with you if you’d like to further wipe your area down before sitting on the plane. Take a minute before you board to relax and adjust to breathing comfortably with the mask on. It can be tough for some people and you may to find a quiet place to rest with the mask off alone, until your flight is close. Once on the plane, try to seek out a window seat so you have a way you can face that doesn’t directly face another person. While this may scientifically do nothing, it can help ease anxiety with being close to people during COVID. Do not worry about the air being circulated through the plane or if your row mates decide to turn the air on. Planes have extreme HEPA filters that filter 99.99% of bacteria. While it isn’t 100%, it is some of the cleanest air you can breathe. If you can avoid it, never take your mask off when you are on the plane. That does mean you can’t eat or drink, but most flights don’t serve full fledged service and you should do your best to grab a snack or drink before the plane to avoid doing so.

AVR is always on the lookout for our customer’s and employee’s safety and health. We hope everyone arrives at their destination safely and are happy to provide tips and services that are offered at airports, to help make that a reality.


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