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Denver to Zion National Park in Utah Road Trip

Denver to Zion National Park, Utah

Flying to your destination is definitely faster, but think of the family bonding time and scenery you miss along the way. Not to mention, flying with COVID still spreading and the start of flu season soon makes it kind of risky endeavor, as it puts you in contact with many people. That is why Airport Van Rental has been showcasing some amazing road trip journeys from our locations to some amazing sites of natural wonder. Road trips used to be a family staple and AVR wants to help bring that tradition back. With fall starting, the colors of the season change are remarkable. Why miss all that beauty stuck on a boring plane ride. The destinations are hand-picked to not only offer amazing family fun options, but safe social distancing options as well. Road trips are also proven to help build family bonding and make the entire journey more memorable. Together we can get through this and AVR is here to help. AVR, because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.


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Glenwood Springs, Colorado: A place of beauty and adventure

2 hours 41 minutes, 157 miles if coming from downtown Denver

Usually when people think of Colorado, they think of skiing or winter activities. Glenwood Springs couldn’t be farther from that picture. This place is overflowing with beauty and adventurous trails just waiting to be traversed. The famed “Doc” holiday is claimed to be buried in the state-owned cemetery here and the hike to it is breath-taking. There are plenty of other hiking trails that don’t lead to cemeteries as well, so don’t be freighted if that isn’t your thing. Don’t forget to pack the bathing suits and supplies for the water related activities to enjoy. The hot springs and Hanging Lake seem to be the most popular two though. If indoor activities are more your thing, or you have a picky member that isn’t for the outdoors, there is a wonderful museum to explore. For the adults, there is also a brewery to try out. This is definitely a place you will want to rest up, as the next stop is a bit of a drive away. Lodging is very affordable here and you have to try some local food favorites. With so much to do and so much great food, you may never want to leave. When you do decide to move on towards the next stop, GasBuddy has you covered with the best gas prices available. AVR knows how to get any trip started and that is why we chose this amazing stop for your journey. Every stretch should be just as fun as the overall destination.

Richfield, Utah: Rich in fun filled atmosphere

4 hours 26 minutes, 309 miles if coming from Glenwood, our previous suggested stop

7 hours 7 minutes, 466 miles if coming from downtown Denver


Richfield is probably not a name that comes to mind when you think of Utah. In fact, besides knowing that Salt Lake is the capital of Utah, probably not much else is known about the beauty that lies in this state. From exploring a region created by volcanic activity, hiking a trail with hand carved art from the past, exploring museums of past native Indian settlers, and the best burgers with a side of bowling, Richfield has you covered. This rugged city has such a great mix of outdoor beauty and that old city feel, you may never want to leave. This is a great stop after a long drive and lodging can be found at great affordable prices. Richfield has quite a few local food favorites, so don’t worry if you can’t try them all. Zion National Park is only a short drive away, so this is the perfect stop to restock on supplies before you get there. GasBuddy has you covered with the cheapest fueling options, so you can refuel after that long drive. Next stop, Zion National Park.

Usually at AVR we try to find at least three interesting stops between your ending destination and where you begin. For this trip, there wasn’t a good stop between Glenwood and Richfield to warrant adding it. However, if you do need a way to break up that drive, there is a beautiful scenic point you can stop and have a picnic at that is on the way from Glenwood to Richfield. Called the San Rafael Swell, this giant rock formation can be seen from the road. You can find the viewing location here.

Zion National Park, Utah: Scenery and beauty like no other

2 hours 37 minutes, 171 miles from Richfield, our previous suggested stop

Just when you thought the journey couldn’t get any better, you remember that you have had all this fun and still haven’t made it to your destination yet. Now that you are here, the fun can begin again. It isn’t always about the destination, the journey should matter too and AVR understands just that. Zion National Park is teeming with natural beauty. From waterfalls to bustling wildlife, Zion has it all. Previous visitors call Zion the perfect journey to quench that adventurous thirst. Biking, hiking, camping, canyoneering, backpacking, stargazing, bird watching, and much more, is all possible at Zion National Park. Camping outdoors is the main lodging for overnight stays, but for those that aren’t big on camping, cabin lodging is available. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy. This is sure to be a memorable journey and AVR is here to help.

There is no one way to do a vacation, but there is a right way to vacation smart and safely. AVR is here to help your family or crew vacation the right way. That is why we are dedicated to helping our customers not only pick the best van for the trip, but plan the stops as well. With a spacious AVR van and a full family trip laid out that offers safe social distancing options, you are not just ready to vacation the right way; you are ready to vacation the AVR way. Because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.