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Enjoy the Family Fun Drive From Las Vegas To Lake Mead!

Summer vacation is a go this year, but we must remember to still be safe, as vaccines are still going out. Road trips are still the best way to travel according to the CDC, to limit the amount of people you come in contact with. AVR has your back this summer with more than just plain old road trips. These are journeys and they are jam packed with excitement and all you need to know about the destination. Leave the comfortable minivan rental, planning, and where to stay to us. You just pack those bags and set sail for adventure on an AVR journey that is certain to make lasting memories. We don't skimp on safety either, we still rigorously disinfect each touched surface of the van and make sure your destination has social distancing options. Now that's summer travel done safely.


Las Vegas to Lake Mead: There's so much more to Vegas than just the strip



Distance: 31 minutes or 26 miles, if starting from our Las Vegas location


Though the drive is short, it still has all the wonders of a road trip. In fact, you might say it is an enhanced road trip, where every turn is a new destination to explore on the way to Lake Mead. Since the strip is within short driving distance, you don't feel like you are missing out on it and if you are a local, this trip to lake mead is sure to beat the normal sights you see. Lake Mead is a large reservoir on the main stem of the Colorado River. It is quite an expansive reservoir that boasts activities all across it. This is an outdoor adventure for the whole family that is certain to please everyone's taste. From Boating, Biking, Camping, Canoeing, Fishing, Scuba Diving, to Backcountry, Hiking and more, Lake mead has it all. If you want something a bit more laid back but still want to experience the sights, try these scenic drives. Amazing sights to behold, all from the comfort of your AVR van rental. Be sure to bring your telescope if you own one because Lake Mead has many open pastures blazing with starlit beauty. Even with the naked eye, get ready for some amazing stargazing. When hunger strikes and you are perhaps tired of camping food, try some of these local favorites. The best part is, they are extremely close or situated right on Lake Mead for some amazing sights while chowing down. A favorite of ours is Harbor House Cafe & Lounge. Lodging is also extremely easy and affordable. A variety of places can be found all around Lake Mead, if the out door tenting or RV camping, isn't your families style. Lastly, it wouldn't be a true summer vacation without some shopping! Located right near Lake Mead is a bevy of stores bustling with all sorts of trinkets and items.


AVR wants to make this years summer vacation one to remember. With everyone ready to get back out and enjoy the world, AVR wants to make sure we all do it safely. We value our customers and employees dearly and will not skimp on any of the lessons we learned throughout this pandemic. Summer vacation means more to us than just some road trip. That is why we constantly out “enterprise” those that would compete with us not only  with our lowest prices, but our above and beyond service that takes the hassle of planning away. Come experience a lasting journey at AVR and lets do summer vacation safely.



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