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Going Mobile in a Van

Bill and his wife Christine have been planning a family getaway for more than 6 months now, and its not just any getaway. Longtime residents of Denver, theyve always wanted to take a road trip through the mountains, along the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, and maybe even do a little hiking. Its something he and Christine have been wanting to do for quite some time, especially now that their three kids are all older and can keep up.

Better yet, Bills brother Ted and his sister-in-law Karen and their two teens want to go too. They moved to the area last year and for months have been saying, We should really take a vacation togetherall of us, including the kids. Its got all the makings of a fun family adventure.

Planning for the trip, Bill and his brother struggled with whether each of their families should simply take their own SUVs or rent one vehicle that could accommodate them all. With their SUVs, Bill knows theyd have plenty of room for people and gear, and wouldnt need to worry about climbing the rugged roadways, but of course their families would be separated in two vehicles for long stretches of the trip, missing out on a lot of together time. Wheres the fun in that?

Luckily, Christine did some research online and discovered they could rent a passenger van that would seat them all and handle their luggage with room to spare. Better yet, its quite affordable and taking one vehicle instead of two will cut down on their fuel costs. As luck would have it, Airport Van Rental ( has a location right at the Denver Airport. It doesnt get much more convenient than that.

But Bills got a few more hurdles to overcome. Despite all their planning, hes just found out he needs to do a few hours of work on his laptop on the morning of their planned departure. Its unavoidable. The business just cant wait. But how can he do the work, access the online resources he needs, and submit it without delaying their trip, messing up their reservations, and disappointing his entire family?

Similarly, his sister in law is a real estate agent and shes nervous about being disconnected for several days while shes juggling several property sales. Sure, she can make do with her smartphone, but reading sales documents and managing all the subsequent emails is a hassle on the tiny device.

Luckily, Christine has more good news to share. They can rent a van that comes equipped with a mobile hotspot that allows connectivity for up to 12 devices. Bill will be able to get online and do the work he needs, and Karen will be able to stay connected to her home office . . . and they wont have to stop at a rest area with WIFI or the nearest McDonalds. They can get online in the comfort of the vanno special stops or arrangements necessary. The kids are relieved too. Now staying connected to their friends via social media will be as easy as though they were still at home.

Renting a van makes it possible for large groups of friends, family members, teammates, co-workers, college buddiesyou name itto share space and good times together all in one vehicle. Convenient, affordable, and comfortable, theres no longer any need for your group to worry about who rides with whom, who follows, who leads, and what to do if you get separated.

From mini-vans to 15-passenger rides, anyone 21 years or older with a standard Class C license can find an easy and affordable way to transport his or her large group with a van rental from Airport Van Rental (AVR).

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