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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Guide

Terminal and Entrance

Atlanta airport is one of the biggest and busiest airports so navigating it can feel like a nightmare. Atlanta airport splits their terminals by airlines providers but is really straightforward. As delta is the main provider out in Atlanta, it takes up the entire southern terminal. If you are not flying delta, you will start from the northern side. Upon entering you will be in a very long (width wise) room that hosts all the airlines and baggage drops for various airlines. This is where you will stand in line at your appropriate airline for service and drop your bags. Do note that face masks are currently required to be worn all times in the Atlanta Airport. This mandate was recently extended until September 13th, 2021, but it could go past that so please check for recent reports if viewing this article past that date.


Security lines at the Atlanta airport can look daunting sometimes, but never fear. Atlanta is really good at diverting security lines when they get too big and opening new ones that are a bit of a walk to a different side. If you fly with Clear or TSA Pre Check, you will likely have a bit of a walk around the crowded security gates until you find your appropriate line. Security officials are always in mask and will ask you to lower your face covering when examining your ID. If you are ever confused, there is an Atlanta airport representative readily available when reaching the start of any security checkpoint.


Like most airports your ticket will show a gate letter that corresponds to the Concourse you will be getting off the train at. The Atlanta airport has a ton of concourses including one specifically for international flights and one specifically for ground transportation and baggage. Including those two, there is Concourse T, A, B, C, D, and E. You will see plenty of signage for the way to all Concourses after getting past security. You should wash your hands post-security before and after boarding the plane train. The trains can get crowded, so make sure you plan accordingly if you are not good with tight spaces. If you don’t want to use the train, there is a path that lets you walk between the Concourses.

Gate and Plane

Atlanta’s concourses are usually built the same way but offer differences in the restaurants and shopping that provide. Upon exiting the train and taking the escalator up to the gates at your desired Concourse, you will see paths to different gate #’s. Find your corresponding gate # and take that path. There are plenty of restrooms staggered all up and down the concourse including places to charge phones, shops to buy anything last minute, and places to eat. Hand dispensers for sanitization are available frequently as well as, airport employees stationed with some to dispense for you. Each bathroom has a Sanitization machine as you leave, so you can wash up good and sanitize on your way out.

Eating and Dining

Atlanta airport has some amazing cuisine that you could spend all week trying and still not sample the majority. One of the highest rated restaurants and amazing establishments that offers upscale dining is, One Flew South. Located in Concourse E this is one of the first upscale dining restaurants to ever open in an airport and it takes pride in keeping with what you would expect when you dine at one. They describe their food as Southernational Cuisine inspired by world travels; prepared largely with high quality, fresh, local ingredients. One Flew South™ also offers an exceptional prepared to-go selection. Crazy enough, this place also offers impeccable sushi. Another amazing choice is Paschal’s Southern Cuisine. You are in the south, so you might as well sample some favorites that this authentic place has to offer. Located in Concourse B this is a local favorite that expanded into the airport. The original Paschal’s is home to some amazing history and has hosted some of the most notable entertainers, politicians, and businesspeople during the civil rights movement. To follow the rich history and starting point of Paschal’s, the full story is available on the website. Though this is not the original, the airport location keeps its standards just as high and serves some of the most amazing fried catfish and fried chicken you will try. Yes, all the fixins are available too. Lastly, Chris Bridges, better known as Ludacris, has his own southern eater called Chicken + Beer that is amazing. Located at D5 in Concourse D, this place offers some amazing southern comfort food and locally sourced beer. Try some amazing local beers and stouts that Georgia has to offer while chowing down on southern favorites. If you have never had southern food before, this place may just make you a fan for life.

Relaxing During Long Layovers

Atlanta airport does not have a hotel attached to it or inside of it like some airports, but they do offer showers and other room related amenities including beds. Located in Concourse B, is a 3rd party offeror of suite like rooms, called Minute Suites. They offer showers and other room like amenities that can be booked in advanced and offer a great way to pass the time while stuck during a long layover. If you have an overnight layover and prefer a full fledge hotel, there is a Marriot within a short distance that has free shuttle service to and from the airport. Here you can stay the night and have your own room and privacy to yourself without being stuck in the airport. Between the mini suites or nearby hotels, you should have no problem finding a place to relax and refresh before your flight.


Airport van rental is always on the case to help make traveling easier. We hope this in-depth guide gives you a great overview of not only how to get through the airport without getting lost, but where to eat and what to do when you have a longer unexpected layover. We understand that there is more to traveling than just the destination and AVR is here to help. AVR, because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.

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