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Houston to Little River Canyon National Preserve Alabama Road Trip


   Road trips used to be a family staple that everyone looked forward to. Planes have made the road trip sort of obsolete, but recent trying times have made air travel very expensive and risky. AVR wants to bring back the glory of the road trip to a destination that is filled with natural beauty and wonder. Road trips are great for family bonding and often the journey associated, is better remembered the destination itself. Here at AVR, we understand people wanting to be safe, but still wanting to find some sense of vacation. That is why we have been hand making great journey options from our locations to places of natural beauty that offer plenty of social distancing options. Every leg of the journey should be a fun one and with these hand-picked stops, your family will be in for the trip of a lifetime.

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Shreveport, Louisiana: Filled with discovery and wonder

3 hours 55 minutes, 238 miles starting from downtown Houston

Shreveport, is home to some amazing museums and sites of discovery. There will be something for the whole family to-do, whether you are more of an outdoor family or laid back. There is a wonderful river district to tour, nature parks, and even zoos. If indoor activities are more your family or crews thing, there are plenty of museums to explore, a wonderful aquarium, and even brewing companies to experience for the adults. With so much to do in this amazing city, you will want to spend a night or two here. Lodging is cheap and affordable so you will not break the budget spending some time here. There are so many great local eats here, so we don’t imagine you will be able to try them all but be sure to get in as many as you can. When the time comes to leave, GasBuddy has you covered with the best refueling options to save money. This is only stop one on your amazing journey and already AVR has delivered a remarkable experience with this one.

Jackson, Mississippi: A historical city with so much to do

7 hours 12 minutes, 459 miles if coming from downtown Houston

3 hours 17 minutes, 221 miles if coming from Shreveport, our previous suggested stop

Home to some amazing history, Jackson has something to offer every palette. The Civil Rights Museum is just one of the amazing museums offered. There is even a children’s museum to keep the younger crowd happy. If you want some outdoorsy activities, Jackson offers a wonderful zoo, state park, and breathtaking gardens to experience. There is even a distillery for the adult crowd. Be sure to experience all this city has to offer by staying a night or two in affordable lodging options. There are so many local food favorites to try you may seem overwhelmed. Relax, the locals have you covered with some of their absolute must try food and drink places. GasBuddy once again has your family or crew covered with the best fueling options. Refuel knowing you have got the best deal and head out towards the next amazing stop along this journey.

Birmingham, Alabama: Breweries, History, Ghost Tours, and more!

10 hours 3 minutes, if coming from downtown Houston

3 hours 31 minutes, if coming from Jackson, our previous suggested stop

Birmingham is home to such a wide variety of activities, it would be hard for someone not to have a good time here. There is a Civil Rights Institute and other museums for the history buff of the family, Breweries for the adult crowd, ghost tours for the ones that want some thrill, and even a scavenger hunt the whole family can get in on. No one will have a bad time here, as there is simply too much to do whether you are an indoor family or love the outdoors. Be sure to take a trip to the zoo as well, it is full of wonderful and exotic animals. This is a place you will want to spend a night or two. Not just for all the wonders the city has to offer, but this is the final stop before you reach your destination. You want to make sure you are well rested and stocked for your next adventure. Foodnetwork has a list of places you should try, and I doubt they would lead you astray. So be sure to sample as many local favorites as you can before you head out. When you do head out, be sure to use GasBuddy to find the cheapest fuel. No one wants to overpay for fuel. Next stop, Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama: Nothing little about this place

1 hour 31 minutes, 91 miles coming from Birmingham, our previous suggested stop