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How to Make Money with a Cargo Van - 7 Tips and Tricks for 2022

Business Ideas for Making Extra Money with Cargo Vans

Are you searching for potential ways to earn money with your cargo van? Nowadays, the market is flooded with lucrative work opportunities that you can grab simply by renting your truck in various different ways. 

From rental opportunities to delivery services to towing solutions to becoming an Amazon delivery partner, there’s a lot that you pick from to start earning money your way. 

A side hustle is essential as it gives you viable ways to increase your income. It brings financial flexibility and freedom to transform your life.

The cargo van business is booming in the realm of delivery services and the option of renting a van for retail deliveries, food deliveries, and more has never been more appealing. 

In this article, we outline multiple possible options that you can think about if you want to rent your cargo van to make some extra money.  

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7 Ways to Make Money with Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are huge. The spacious cabin they include makes them an ideal option to use for  money-making. Before you start making  money with your cargo van, make sure you hold a valid driver’s license as a mandatory requirement. 

In some cases, companies can also ask for a background check and you can start your business as soon as you get clearance from concerned authorities.  

Let’s learn more about these possibilities in this section. 

1. GoShare

With the world turning to digital platforms for shopping essentials to furniture, GoShare delivery partners are in high demand more than ever. 

Cargo vans are great for delivery services as they can easily accommodate 1 to 4 big box items. You get additional benefits such as health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance.

Sign up and start earning and you don't have to worry about managing clients as GoShare will track your delivery details and payments. 

As a GoShare delivery professional, you will need to load, transport, secure, and unload the parcels between source and destination ports. 

Amongst all the possible ways to earn additional income via a side-hustle, being a GoShare delivery partner is one that gives you higher earning potential. 

2. Provide Moving Services

Moving from one location to another is a time-consuming and daunting task and you can simplify it for others by offering moving services. 

Since many states have strict regulations when it comes to moving services, you have to be careful about local laws when handling household goods. 

In some cases, you might need to have commercial insurance, liability insurance, and special licenses that can display that you are eligible for moving household goods across states. 

Make sure to invest in good moving equipment such as canvasses, tarps, moving blankets, and cargo straps to name a few. 

You have a good chance to earn good money because professional moving service providers are way too expensive. So, you can help people out by offering them quality services at a comparatively lower price. 

3. Provide Hauling Services

Small businesses and startup firms often need to declutter their office space by getting rid of junk and old items. 

You can earn money with your own cargo van by providing part-time or full-time hauling services as well as towing services where you help businesses to remove junk from the office premises. 

Clearing out old junk and taking it to the recycling facility in your cargo van will give you the opportunity to earn extra cash and will give a boost to your income. 

Besides local businesses, families and communities also need hauling services to remove old items and remove them from the surroundings.

Hauling stuff for people can bring you another source of income as you can even repair the old items and resell them at a decent price and earn additional money on top of hauling.

4. Amazon Delivery

Amazon’s delivery partner program called Amazon Flex allows people to deliver goods using their own vehicles. 

As an Amazon delivery partner, you can earn extra money for day-to-day expenses. Working for your preferred hours is another benefit that this program offers. 

Register to Amazon Flex and start working today. With a cargo van, you can block multiple deliveries, deliver them to the right destination, and get paid.

A more spacious vehicle for Amazon package delivery means more money. You get money for each individual box item you deliver to the customers. The more you deliver, the more you get. 

Most Amazon delivery partners earn anywhere between $18 and $25 per hour delivering packages from the Amazon facility to the customer's doorstep. 

5. Food Delivery Driver

With the rapid rise of food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Instacart, and DoorDash, the opportunities to earn extra income have grown more than ever. 

You can either sign in to all food delivery apps or collaborate with only one restaurant rather than hopping all around the town and delivering orders as a side-hustle. 

If you select to deliver food, you have to be highly punctual and responsive because you might be delivering perishable food with a shorter shelf life. 

Delivering groceries by registering to Instacart can also be a viable option as you can take full advantage of the sizable cargo van, which has space comparable to a pickup truck.

If you select delivering groceries over food packages, you will however have to shop for your customers and drop it at their provided addresses. 

6. Become a Mobile Billboard

Transform your cargo van into an advertisement vehicle such as a mobile billboard to increase awareness and improve recognition for a major brand. 

This is probably the best way for companies to get a marketing edge as the graphics on the van will make the business highly noticeable and bring more sales.

Partner with advertising services like Wrapify if you do not mind covering your van with a branding sticker or a wrap for promoting a business. 

And don’t worry, the wrap or sticker used for business branding is not going to hurt your vehicle in any particular way. 

If you choose to use your cargo van as a mobile billboard, you won’t have to do anything other than driving the vehicle for your regular errands to get paid. Onlookers will handle the rest.

7. Become an Independent Contractor

Start your own small business by registering with a platform that connects your van with people who are looking for delivery services. 

Websites like UShip will help you to connect with businesses or individuals who are looking to transfer heavy equipment, household goods, vehicles, and other movables. 

While blocking your orders, you have to take note of the dimensions of the items that need to be delivered to ensure that it fits inside your cargo van effortlessly. 

Start something like a mobile pet grooming business, custom food outlet on the go, door frame your own unique idea. Listing your business on Craigslist and Google listings can help you generate more leads. 

You can either operate locally or nationwide or can even choose to deliver handy goods or heavy equipment based on your particular preferences. 

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Get Started on Cargo Van Rentals with AVR

So, to recap, there are plenty of ways you can use your cargo van to earn passive income. 

Want to hire a cargo van for a side-hustle but don't know how to get started? 

Contact AVR to learn more about cargo van rentals and earn additional income the way you want.
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