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How To Rent A Van Or Can I Rent A Van? We Have Your Questions Answered!

Renting a passenger van seems like an easy concept, but many are worried you may need some special kind of license to operate such a big vehicle or think they are solely for commercial purposes. AVR is here to clear the air and make securing the perfect passenger van tailored to your needs, an easy and stress-free task.

What to expect when renting your passenger van at the counter

So, how do you rent a passenger van? It is quite simple. You rent it the way you would any vehicle from a rental location. Other places may have their nuances, but for AVR, the process is quick and easy. All you need to start your rental is a valid driver’s license and major credit or debit card. Many people think you need some special license or a CDL to operate such a large vehicle, but you don’t. That may be the case if renting a passenger van in another country, but here in the States, a simple license will work just fine. In order to purchase and secure your rental, you will need a major debit or credit card that matches with the name on your driver’s license. The person paying for the van does not technically need to be the driver, but all members that do want access to drive the vehicle, must produce their valid driver’s license at the time of pick up, so we can properly document who is eligible to drive it. AVR like many other rental companies offers various insurance protection and damage waivers for the vehicle you are renting. We are perfectly okay with anyone using their own insurance to cover the passenger van, we just ask that you make sure you have cleared it with them, as many people believe they are covered when they aren’t. Most insurance policies actually cover vehicles based on wheel well size and even number of wheels. While our vans are all 4 wheels, the wheel wells are larger than some major insurance companies, personal insurance, or credit card related insurance will cover.

Types of Vans Available

There are many options when it comes to passenger vans and AVR is the industry leader in supplying the perfect vehicle for any occasion. We have 7 passenger minivans, 10, 12, and 15 passenger vans. We also offer captain’s chairs for better seating if requested with your rental. The 7 passenger mini van is perfect for the standard family trip. It comfortably seats 7 and has plenty of luggage room, though you will definitely have less space if all 7 seats are in use. The 10 and 12 passenger vans respectively, have plenty of seating to accommodate a large family or group and great luggage space. The 15-passenger van will seat more people, but you do lose some luggage space in the process with adding more seats to the back row. Most luggage will have to slide under seats or be stacked neatly in the trunk.

AVR is dedicated to making sure our customers not only get the best service in the rental industry, but that they stay well informed and feel comfortable with all aspects of the rental process. 2021 is shaping up to be a great return to some amazing family outings and AVR is here to help. Make new memories safely this year and do travel the AVR way. AVR, because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.

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