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Long-term Car Rentals for Your Travel Needs

Long-term Car Rentals for Your Travel Needs

Airport Van Rental (AVR) offers affordable and flexible long-term car rental services that cater to the individual needs of travelers. It does not matter if you want to rent a car or van for a couple of weeks, a month, or longer. AVR is there for you.

As an industry leader in van rentals, we aim to provide you with a hassle-free travel experience. Discover why people across the United States trust our long-term vehicle rental services:

  • Great rates

  •  An extended rental period

  •  Hassle-free booking

  •  Premier customer support

  • The largest selection of 5-15 seat passenger vehicles

Great Rates for 6-month Car Rentals with Airport Van Rental

Long-term car rental is an agreement that allows an individual to rent a car for an extended period. The timeframe of long-term car rental may be anywhere between a week to 11 months. 

Car Rental Locations Across the Country

Worried about the availability of a reliable long-term car rental provider in your location? Put a full stop to these worries! AVR offers long-term car rental services in over a dozen locations, including Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, San Francisco, and Tampa.

Specialized Car Rental Options

AVR aims to meet your diversified travel needs through its largest selection of vehicles, including standard SUVs, passenger SUVs, minivans, and passenger vans that can accommodate anywhere between 5 and15 passengers. Just tell us what your trip is all about and how many people are traveling, we’ll provide a vehicle specially designed to meet your needs.

One-way Car Rentals

One-way car rentals are ideal for traveling across the country, unplanned trip changes, and airline cancellations. The one-way rental is less expensive with AVR because of its lowest one-way drop charge and daily rate. 

Absolutely No Hassle

Travelers often face challenges due to a complex booking process, renting a car that does not suit their requirements, or poor customer service. AVR eliminates these issues through a simplified booking process, 24x7 contactless pick-up, premier customer support that recommends a suitable car/van based on the customer needs, and a well-maintained fleet of vehicles. 

Benefits of Long-term Car Rental Deals

Great for an extended period of time

Long-term car rental deals are ideal for vacations planned for an extended period. When you are going on a road trip around your country that takes about a couple of months, there is no point in opting for traditional rental deals with contract periods lasting less than a week. A long-term car rental deal gives you the flexibility to choose a bigger vehicle like a minivan or a passenger van for an extended period.

You won’t find lower rates

One of the advantages of long-term car rental is the low rate. Car rental companies, like AVR, often give huge discount coupons on rental rates if you rent a car for an extended period. Besides, the charges on the long-term car rentals don’t involve traditional pricing components, such as cost per day and cost per mile.

Find a rental period that works for you

Long-term car rental deals are flexible in terms of their rental period. You may choose monthly rental or multi-month rental deals depending on your requirement. Since long-term car rental deals offer a complete package of services that can be customized to your mobility requirements, you can easily choose a rental period that works for you.

Short-term Car Lease vs. Long-term Car Rental

A short-term car lease is an agreement that allows an individual to lease a car for a period, between 6 and 24 months. Long-term car rental has several advantages over a short-term lease:

Lower Monthly Rates

The monthly rental rates for long-term car rental are lower than taking a car on lease or maintaining a personal vehicle. Leasing a car may involve costs such as down payment, monthly lease payment for the entire lease period, auto insurance, and car maintenance. By eliminating all these costs, a long-term car rental can reduce your weekly rates and monthly rates significantly.

No Mileage Limits

Short-term car leasing plans come with annual mileage limits. You may need to choose an annual mileage limit of 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 while signing the lease agreement. The cost of the lease varies based on the mileage limits you choose. There are no such mileage limits with long-term car rentals.

Vacationers and Business People Alike Agree that Airport Van Rental is Their Rental Service of Choice

AVR is the preferred rental service for vacationers and business people. With 12-years of experience in renting vehicles, AVR is recognized for its reliable services, flexible renting options, affordable rates, and well-maintained vehicles.

With the largest selection of 8-15 seat passenger vans, AVR is an industry leader in the van rental market in the United States. AVR runs a corporate perks program that enables companies, schools, and nonprofits to book convenient and cheap long-term car rentals starting at a minimum of 40 days.

Go with a Minivan from Airport Van Rental for Your Next Long-term Car Rental

Planning for an extended vacation? Heading for a secondary home for the season? No problem! Just get in touch with AVR, as we offer car rental services with perks such as huge discount codes and promotional deals.

AVR’s long-term car rental deals are a perfect choice for people who want to go on a road trip or an extended vacation. They give the flexibility to choose a suitable rental period at the lowest long-term car rental rates possible.

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