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Planning a road trip from Dallas? Check out some of our favorite spots!

Check out some of our great road trip ideas from Dallas, Texas. Great way to get out of the house and explore! 

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Grand Canyon National Park Arizona


Distance from Downtown Dallas: 1050 miles

 An easy to rent AVR van makes this ride a comfy and safe breeze for the whole family. Get a 12 or 15 passenger van and get Uncle Lou and Aunt Betty in on the fun. Plenty of social distancing activities to be done here. Ride mules into the canyon and experience a whole new view of the canyon or spend a nights camping in the spacious campgrounds. There is fun for the whole family and even a romantic helicopter ride over the canyon for lovers. You can even beat the heat with some rafting and wet filled fun. No one is getting the short end of the stick with this trip.

Las Vegas, Nevada