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Ragnar Races Safely With AVR

Staying Healthy And Safe With AVR

Keeping one’s health in check is extremely important and while we can’t be your doctor, we can showcase some amazing events and articles that are dedicated to keeping not only you safe on the road, but your body healthy as well. Just another way AVR has your back.

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The Open Road Relay Style

Relay races have been around for a long time, and you might think they only apply to Olympians in training or track and field lovers, but fitness enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor adventures have come together to create something amazing. Ragnar relay races was founded to be a free-spirited relay race dedicated to something more than just running for a medal. Named after a 9th century Scandinavian hero, king, and conqueror, Ragnar is about conquering personal set goals and building each other up along the way.

More Than Your Average Relay Race

Before you think it’s just an average relay race, realize that these races are done with tons of friends you invite and can span across an entire state. That’s right, these wild and free runs are meant to be the ultimate outdoor experience and allow one to set conquerable goals, with friends in tandem to help overcome the challenge. Founded on the principles of building each other up, even at 3 am, come join like-minded individuals and run for something more. Ragnar has relay race events in different states all the time, so be sure to check out how to get started and conquer your goal today.

Tire Safety With AVR

            Now that we have your body moving and staying healthy, let’s turn to car safety. Whether it’s the tires on your rental car or personal car, they are extremely important in keeping the car stable and safe on the road. Did you know that an estimated 42,915 died in car crashes in the USA in 2021 alone and a high percentage of them were tire related. That is why AVR is stressing tire safety in this article and follows a grueling multi-point inspection when it comes to tires. We don’t mess around with tires and the minute they become even remotely compromised or unsafe, we move to rectify the tire issue. AVR doesn’t just hand you a minivan or passenger van rental, we hand you a vehicle with your safety in mind. The open road is full of many journeys and AVR wants you to explore them all in safety and comfort. For more information on tire safety and to follow some of the same practices that AVR preaches and utilizes daily, check out the amazing tire guide sent to us by those who care about your tires and safety. AVR, because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.

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