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Road Trip During COVID-19?

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There are several types of trips to take, including solo road trips, family road trips, road trips with your significant other and road trips with friends. Once you have narrowed down who’s on your short list for travel buddy or buddies because more is always better is to think about time spent on the road. Are you planning on a weekend getaway, or do lingering COVID-19 concerns have you thinking more of a day trip close to home?

Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other to shake of the stir crazy vibes of being home, or you’re taking a solo road trip to get out of the house for a day to take in some fresh air, deciding who to travel with and how long you’ll be gone are the first steps in the road trip planning process.

Where to Go

Most of the U.S. population was placed under a stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order during the ongoing pandemic. With states looking to “reopen” as cases begin to level off, road trip options will become more and more readily available. Find out the latest on where states stand in their plans to reopen so you can choose the best fit for your next on-the-road adventure.

Why a Van Rental

There’s no denying that travel has changed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, but what mode of transportation is best for you or your family? When it comes to air travel and public transportation, you’re faced with more variables and less control over your situation. To maintain social distancing and ensure guaranteed cleanliness on your trip a rental van may be your best option. At AVR, now more than ever, we’re making it easier for you and your family to rent a van with peace of mind and confidence.

Clean vehicles have always been important to us, but at this moment in time, we know vehicle cleanliness is even more critical. That is why we have modified our cleaning procedures to ensure our vehicles are thoroughly disinfected.

In addition, we are in the process to enhance our vehicle delivery and contact less rental options to help promote social distancing by getting you quickly on your way while avoiding foot traffic in our locations. We're also urging travelers to please stay home if you are ill, displaying symptoms of COVID-19, been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are currently under quarantine.

Ensuring your safety and the safety of others in your group is our top priority during this difficult time.

What to Pack

Now more than ever, it's important to pack up your car with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, sanitizing spray, face masks, gloves, and maybe even a thermometer. And keep practicing good and frequent handwashing. 

If you can, pack your own snacks and drinks so you reduce the need to go into rest stops and expose yourself to others. 

AAA also suggests you travel with all necessary travel documentation, including health insurance cards. 

Furthermore, the agency recommends storing an emergency kit in your car. The list includes: car charger for your cell phone, first-aid kit, blanket, drinking water and snacks for everyone including pets, flashlight with extra fresh batteries, rags or paper towels, basic tools including duct tape, road flares or reflectors, ice scraper or snow brush, jumper cables, traction aid (sand, salt), tarp, raincoat, and a shovel. 

These items, obviously, won't be applicable to everyone reading this. But as with everything, use your best judgment and common sense. Be realistic about your plans and where you are going.

Plan Your Route

Choosing attractions to visit is one of the best parts of planning a road trip. Maybe you will have a beach day filled with surf and sun. Or maybe you’ll spend your day hiking a scenic trail in one of the country’s most popular national parks (National Park Service COVID-19 update). No matter where you go, it’s important to plan your route so you can maintain the best cleaning and disinfecting practices during your travels.

Despite many places opening back up for business in the US, this does not signal an end to the pandemic. You can still contract the virus, which is why it's especially important to plan ahead. 

Map out which roadways and states you will pass through, recommends AARP. There might be relevant travel advisories you need to be aware of, such as changes to toll collection and rest-area food sales. 

According to Jeanette Casselano, a AAA spokesperson, it's also especially important to call ahead and confirm which attractions (such as any local attractions or theme parks) and hotels are open. 

"You will want to understand capacity limits and, where possible, make reservations in advance," she says.

Gas Prices Are at Record Lows

Low gas prices are another benefit of this year’s road trips, with per gallon averages just under $2, the lowest it’s been in the last five years. An app like GasBuddy helps road trippers with fuel prices, routes, and budget planning. Overall travel costs can be managed more easily on a driving trip, too. For example, a well-stocked cooler will help you save a significant amount on purchasing water, soft drinks, snacks, and meals.

When it’s time for to stop for a meal and some rest, a full-service roadside complex will be welcome. With a presence in 45 states, Cracker Barrel is a favorite for its food and homey atmosphere. Their published COVID-19 guidelines and cleaning practices make it a good option as well. Pilot Flying J also details their safety measures and offers fuel, food, showers, and truck stop services.


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