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Road Trip From Houston To Cumberland Gap National Park

Houston to Cumberland Gap

Road trips used to be a staple for family vacation and Airport Van Rental wants to help bring them back. Flying isn’t a very safe option at the moment and good old fashioned road trips are proven to improve family bonding. Kids remember the journey more than the destination. That is why AVR is all about making the journey just as fun as the destination. Below you will see some choice stops along the way that we have selected to make your family trip the best and most memorable one.

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana:  A diverse city with tons of activities

3 hours 59 minutes and 268 miles, if coming from downtown Houston via I-10E

Baton Rouge is known for a lot more than just the LSU Tigers. Though, visiting the stadium should be on your list of things to see. There are plenty of scenic parks for families that want to have some outdoor adventures or picnics and plenty of indoor recreational activities as well. There are plenty of museums, a wonderful zoo, the current and older version of the state capitol, and much more to see. Be sure to take advantage of the cheap lodging, as there is so much to see you will want to spend a night or two. Baton Rouge has some great hidden gems in terms of food, so be sure to check out the local favorites. Be sure to gas up for cheap, as our friends from GasBuddy always have your back. This is only stop one, but AVR is already showcasing some great options with this amazing hand-picked selection. Fun at each leg of the journey is the AVR way.

Meridian, Mississippi: A place you don’t want to miss

3 hours 43 minutes and 256 miles, if coming from Baton Rouge, our previous suggested stop

7 hours 42 minutes and 524 miles, if coming from downtown Houston

You definitely don’t want to miss out on what Meridian has to offer. This quaint city has some wonderful attractions that are sure to get the whole family in on the fun. For the history or even art buff of the family, there is a very old cemetery dedicated to Meridian’s Jewish community of the 19th century. It has original Victorian funerary art. There are plenty of scenic parks and rivers that can make for a nice picnic spot and plenty of museums, concert halls, historic districts, and even a working carousel. There will be plenty to keep the family busy in this smallish city, but it is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Lodging is available at very reasonable pricing for those that need to rest from the road or just want to spend the night in this cool little city. Be sure to try some local food favorites as well before heading out. One in particular, is Weidmann’s, which is a very nice American seafood place that has been a local staple for a long time. Our friends at GasBuddy have your back when it comes to finding the best priced fuel. So don’t worry about breaking the bank. Think of Meridian as fuel for your family trip. The fun had here will keep those spirits high and have the whole family wondering what’s next.

Chattanooga, Tennessee: Nicknamed the Scenic City for a reason

4 hours 17 minutes and 293 miles, if coming from Meridian, our previous suggested stop

11 hours 59 minutes and 817 miles, if coming from downtown Houston

There is something for everyone in the family to do while visiting Chattanooga, and this is the perfect stop in the making of an unforgettable journey. Unleash your wild side and keep the kids happy with a trip to the Chattanooga Zoo. There is also whiskey tasting for the connoisseur and river tours for a romantic or family friendly outing. Chattanooga is home to some amazing local cuisine that can be delivered, so make sure you check the favorites. Options for some of the best lodging can be found here, and Chattanooga makes a great stop for an overnight stay. That way, you can tour at your own pace and set out the next day well-rested, to start the next leg of the journey. Gas prices are very low here so restock and refuel, before moving on. The journey should be just as fun as the destination, and Chattanooga won’t disappoint.

Cumberland Gap National Park, Kentucky: Pure bliss

3 hours 2 minutes and 172 miles, if coming from Chattanooga, our previous suggested stop


Cumberland Gap National Park is the perfect mountain getaway with a glimpse into the past of how early travelers went west. A poetic experience awaits those that journey here, as Cumberland is a landmark of what nature can do when she wishes to give an opportunity to humanity. With over 85 miles of trails to hike, wildlife to observe, and ranger guided tours through caves, Cumberland offers a wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities. Don’t let summer go by without taking this amazing journey! This safe and fun opportunity has great social distancing options so vacation with peace of mind and let AVR help get you there.

There is no correct way to do a vacation, but AVR believes the journey should be just as fun as the destination. That is why we are dedicated to helping our customers not only pick the best van for the trip, but plan the stops as well. So don’t cancel the family vacation, just do it the AVR way and pick one of our amazing journeys. With a spacious AVR van and a full family trip laid out that offers safe social distancing options, you are ready to do vacation the right way. If you would like to follow the laid out journey above, you can find the full directions with every stop included here. AVR, because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.


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