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Road Trip From San Francisco to Zion National Park, Utah

San Francisco to Zion National Park, Utah

What happened to the good old days when summer rolled around and your family started planning the annual road trip? Old traditions like that, have been put on the back burner for faster travel via airplane. Not only have current conditions made traveling by air a riskier endeavor, road trips are actually proven to build a stronger family bond. The journey, is often better remembered than the destination, and Airport Van Rental wants to help make every stop a special one. AVR, even offers 12 or 15 passenger van rentals, so the family can safely spread out during the road trip. Let’s AVR help make summer vacation a reality and do it the right way. AVR, because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.

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Bakersfield, California (444 miles to Zion) Living Museum, Peacocks, and More

4 hours 21 minutes, 283 miles if starting from downtown San Francisco via I-5S

Bakersfield is a quaint town that offers a wide variety of museum attractions and a laid back atmosphere. The Living Museum in Bakersfield, showcases local injured animals that have been rehabilitated and are cared for daily. Take the family on a relaxing picnic in the park and see some amazingly beautiful peacocks. There is also a river walk for a nice scenic stroll or bike ride. Be sure to sample local favorite food places, as Bakersfield has some hidden gems. Great lodging options are available to fit any budget, so rest easy and relax here in Bakersfield before heading back out on the road. Bakersfield makes for a great first stop and the whole crew can stretch, relax, restock, and refuel. AVR knows the whole journey is important and that is why we are dedicated to helping plan the perfect vacation.

Barstow, California (314 miles to Zion) Old Western Ghost Towns and Beautiful Scenery

 6 hours 30 minutes, 414 miles if starting from downtown San Francisco via I-5S

2 hours 9 minutes, 131 miles if coming from Bakersfield, our previous suggested stop via CA-58

Barstow is a staple for any California road trip and it never disappoints. Trippy travelers, which is a travel blog dedicated to road trips, can’t get enough of Barstow. There are old western ghost towns that you can visit and plenty of museums to check out. If you want to take in some beautiful scenery, Rainbow Basin is a sight to behold. If you are in the mood for it, try a local favorite that serves up authentic Mexican recipes. This is a perfect day stop to stretch your legs and soak in some fun, before heading back out for the next stretch. If you do end up staying overnight, great lodging options are available. Just like AVR is a staple for rentals, Barstow is a staple for travelers and that is why it made our list of stops on this incredible journey.

Las Vegas, Nevada (164 miles to Zion) Fun for the Whole Family

8 hours and 47 minutes, 565 miles if starting from downtown San Francisco via I-5S and I-15N

2 hours 17 minutes, 151 miles if coming from Barstow, our previous suggested stop via I-15N

Vegas is known for its nightlife and gambling, but there is so much more to the city. From shows, Grand Canyon tours, or just walking the strip, Vegas has something exciting for the whole family. The Hoover Dam is also a short drive away and makes for an amazing picnic spot with gorgeous views of the Colorado River. With really affordable and kid friendly lodging locations, you can rest easy without breaking the bank. Vegas is home to some diverse and amazing local cuisine, so be sure to try some of the favorites. With Vegas being a bustling city of lights and sound, it makes for the perfect last stop before enjoying the sounds and sights of nature.

Zion National Park, Utah: So beautiful you’ll wonder if you left earth.