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Save Money On Gas By Traveling As A Group

How You Can Save On Gas By Renting A Van

Gas prices in some states or cities are out of control, in fact, some states are setting record high averages. While the full details of why prices are skyrocketing might be unknown, you can’t help but wonder, why are gas prices so high? AVR Van Rental may not have that answer for you, but we do have ways to help get around these pesky gas prices and they involve renting a bigger van. Now I know many will be asking how that helps. How does renting a bigger vehicle help me save on gas? It might not seem like total rocket science when you get to the basis of it, but adding more people in one vehicle dramatically saves money on gas and it even protects and helps the environment.

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You still may be wondering how this helps, as some don’t have any reason to get a bigger vehicle. AVR Van Rental is here to showcase a multitude of instances where a bigger vehicle will help you save tons.

·         An event that multiple friends and family are showing up to. (A party, Graduation, or Celebration)

·         A weekend trip for work or pleasure with friends and family.

·         Normal work commute that you could carpool with other employees

·         Convention or other Pop-culture exhibitions

·         Big dinner event with multiple families and friend groups attending

·         Wedding Celebrations

·         Holiday Celebrations or Christmas Light Looking

·         Vacations or trips

·         Out of town visits to family or friends

While we can’t list every possible reason for using a bigger vehicle to save money, you should have an idea of what kind of events would benefit from renting a bigger vehicle. In most of the proposed scenarios, 2-3 or even more cars would be involved. Not only is that a ton of Gas for everybody, but it’s also more pollution in the environment and not to mention wear and tear on your car. Plenty of studies show the amount of money per mile you lose or may have to spend when driving your own car and adding stress to it. Yes, that is the purpose of a vehicle, but when you can carpool to save money on gas, help the environment, and not add wear and tear to you own vehicle, you start to see why in 2022, more people carpool now than ever. AVR Van rental has a wide variety of make, model, and sized vehicles to fit any event or carpool adventure. From our 7 passenger minivan rentals, to our 10, 11, 12, and even 15 passenger van rentals, no one is left out on the fun. Plus, you can pile in more people and save big money when renting a van.

AVR Van Rental isn’t like the other rental corporations that just want your money, we want your experience, nay the journey, to be the best possible one. Its about community and camaraderie because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.

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