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Summer Travel Done The AVR Way

Summer vacation is a staple for many and we here at Airport Van Rental know how much missing it would hurt. That is why AVR is dedicated to supplying families or groups, of any size, with the minivan or passenger van rental they need. AVR is the number one rental agency for minivan rentals, 12 passenger van rentals, and 15 passenger van rentals. We leave no member of the extended family or crew out on the fun, by offering spacious, high quality van rentals. Flying isn’t a very safe option at the moment, but even if it was, why miss out on the glorious experience of a road trip. Sure, the destination is ultimately where you want to end up, but what’s the rush.

Everything today is done at such high speeds, no one slows down to enjoy the simple things. That is why AVR wants to lend a helping hand in not only planning a safe summer vacation, but showcasing the natural beauty and wonders of the world that should be experienced. Let’s change that boring vacation to some hotel, into a memorable family journey that is perfectly complimented by an AVR van rental. Road trips bring family bonding to a whole new level and the memories will last a lifetime.

Don’t just take AVR’s word for it, road trips have scientific evidence to support they build a more lasting memory than the destination itself. Also, minivans are one of the highest rated road trip vehicles because of space, comfort, and gas mileage, when compared to bulky SUVs. That is where AVR comes in again to lend a helping hand. From minivan rentals, 12 passenger van rentals, and 15 passenger van rentals, AVR has all your travel needs covered.

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Here are a couple of my favorite destinations that are a must for any family road trip.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park: New Mexico

An unforgettable experience.