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Traveling with a group

Traveling with a Group:  Passenger Van Rentals

Planning travel when there's more than a few people involved takes quite a bit of planning.  Coordinating planes, hotels, and things to do can seem like a huge undertaking.  If you're traveling with a large group, you also need to think about how you're going to get around when you arrive at your destination.  There may be public transportation where you're going, cabs, or maybe you're thinking your group could rent several cars.   That could get expensive quick, and we're here to tell you there's a better way: passenger vans.  Passenger vans can accommodate up to 15 people and are the best vehicle rental for group travel.  To get your group ready for their trip, AVR Van Rental offers the vans you need at airports throughout the country.

Why Choose AVR?

You can rent vehicles at most airports in California, Nevada, Washington, Georgia, Illinois, Indianapolis, N. Carolina, Texas and Utah, so what makes AVR Van Rental special?  While car rentals are commonplace, most of the big-name companies don't offer vans.  If they do have minivans, cargo vans, or the highly sought after full-size passenger vans, these vehicles are often reserved far in advance.  In addition to large families and other group travelers, high school teams and sports competitors also need the accommodation of large vans.  If you're planning a trip for more than five people, unless you reserve a van months ahead of time, you're going to be out of luck with the big name vehicle rental companies.

AVR Van Rental specializes in, you guessed it, vans.  With locations in dozens of the biggest airports, AVR Van Rental has the van you need.  We cater our services for those groups, schools, sports teams, large families, etc., who need a vehicle big enough for their group to travel together and have more than one vehicle available.  When you work with AVR, you know we're going to get you what you need!  

Types of Vans

Depending on the size of your group, you may need an SUV to fit seven, or a full-size 15 passenger van.  If you're going to be traveling with less than seven people, an SUV, minivan or truck may be the best option to accommodate your group and your luggage and trip essentials.  If you're traveling with children, consider renting a vehicle a little larger than you need to allow room for naps and comfort.  AVR has a wide range of SUVs, minivans, and trucks, making your vehicle decision a little easier.  For groups who need to accommodate a wheelchair, AVR Van Rental also offers wheelchair accessible vans at affordable rates.  

For groups with more than seven members, you'll need to look at a larger van.  AVR Van Rental has vehicles for eight passengers, 11, 12, or 15.  These vans are larger vehicles that are still comfortable to drive with no special license needed.  The rows of seating provide plenty of space for easy riding and luggage storage as well.  Gas mileage for these vehicles varies, but most are comparable to larger SUVs and trucks.  All in all, renting a passenger vehicle is an economical choice when traveling with a group.

AVR Van Rental also offers our customers cargo vans.  Cargo vans are a great rental choice when you're dealing with lots of equipment, luggage, sports accessories, musical instruments, etc.  Cargo vans provide an easy way to move large quantities of goods since the majority of the vehicle is open for this purpose.  Only two passengers can ride in a cargo van, so if you're considering this rental, and have more people in your party, plan accordingly.

Advantages of Passenger Vans

Traveling with a group can take lots of planning to coordinate the activities and schedules of all its members.  With a big enough van, your group won't have to take separate vehicles and can avoid fighting traffic and an unfamiliar city to stay together and arrive where you need to be.  Every member of your group will be included and counted for, bringing you all peace of mind and less anxiety as you head off for new places and adventures.

Another advantage of renting a passenger van is the drivability.  Passenger vans do not require their driver to have a special license or class to operate them.  If you have ever driven a large truck or SUV, you can drive a passenger van.  These are smaller than most RVs and do not face the same road or parking lot restrictions.  Passenger vans can navigate even the busiest city streets or take you through the mountain highways of a National Park.  They are versatile and will get your group wherever you want to go. 

Passenger van rentals are also going to save your group money.  You'll have to pay only one vehicle rental fee and with one insurance policy.  Every time you need to park, you only have to pay for one parking space in a garage or a meter on the street.  If you get a large enough van, you can keep driving through the night while your group sleeps, saving money at hotels and getting to your destination faster.  Gas is cheaper than in an RV and many of AVR's passenger vans get the same gas mileage as an SUV.  Any way you look at it, passenger vans are the economical choice when traveling in a group.

Whether you want to rent a minivan, a 15 passenger van, or anything in between, AVR Van Rental has what you need.  We are proud to offer the finest vehicles to fit 5-15 people, accommodating large families, group travel, sports teams, and more, in their vehicle needs.  You can find AVR in airports throughout the country, the leading automotive rental company specializing in large passenger vans.  For the best passenger vans that your large group or family needs, AVR Van Rental is ready to help you make your reservation.  Contact us today and learn more about what we can do for you!

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