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Van Rental Tips for Business Travelers


For many hard-working professionals, travel is a huge part of their jobs. Business trips present a challenging and rewarding experience for all members of a corporation. They allow team bonding for employees outside of their normal work environment and to discover new ways of connecting and problem-solving together. The more you travel for business, the more you learn all the tricks and tips to maximize both the business and pleasure as much as possible during your travels. Brush up on a few key business trip tips before your next business adventure to make the most out of your work and your travels.

Renting a Vehicle

One detail that managers and employees often overlook when planning a business trip is a solid transportation plan.While booking a plane ticket is relatively easy, choosing the best ground transportation in your destination city can be a little more complicated. The easiest and most efficient option is to rent a vehicle right from the airport you land in. Having a personal vehicle in your destination makes travelers self-sufficient, which is vital to any business trip.

Renting a vehicle is one of the first things you will do when your plane lands in your destination city. While you will have many different vehicle options when you land, a van rental for business trips is highly recommended.

Travel By Air

As any traveler knows, air travel can be overwhelming if youre not prepared. It is important to follow a few key business trip tips to ensure you have the smoothest travel experience possible. First, packing efficiently is vital. Its important to make a list and pack all of the essentials for traveling to prevent over-packing. Lugging big suitcases around the airport creates unnecessary inconvenience as those who pack light are also rewarded by not being required to pay expensive heavy baggage fees. Be sure to look into your airlines checked bag weight policies before you pack, or you may have to pay upwards of $50 per heavy bag.

Another challenge is in air travel ins transportation once you arrive. If youre traveling with several coworkers or if you need to pick up your team, consider bringing a van rental for business as a pick-up vehicle. Since travelers can easily pick up and fit multiple passengers all of their luggage into one vehicle, van rentals are efficient and prevent long, multiple trips to the airport.

Road Trips

When planning a long-distance driving trip, there are several factors to consider, such as the size of the group, miles to cover, and time it will take. For large groups of employees traveling to the same location, we suggest carpooling together. If each member of the group takes a separate vehicle, it can make for an expensive and time-consuming journey. Taking a van rental for business will save considerably on gasoline, time, money and hassle.

Traveling with Colleagues

Business trips often include large groups of colleagues meeting together in one place, as well as traveling in large groups. There are a multitude of business trip tips and tricks to help make the challenges of traveling in large groups go smoothly and seamlessly.

One of the most obvious challenges of large group travel is the issue of transportation. When all members of large groups take separate transportation, it is very common for individuals to get lost, stuck in traffic, or held up in some other way. Taking separate transportation inevitably leads to a lot of waiting around for all members to meet, which wastes precious time on a business trip. A van rental for business trips allows everyone to travel between places together as a group, completely eliminating this problem. Van rentals offer an ideal way to allow any organization the ability to transport large numbers of easily and comfortably between meetings, restaurants, or any other destination required on a business trip.

Business and Pleasure

While work is the obvious primary focus of a business trip, it does not have to be the only activity. After a long day of meetings and networking, a well-deserved evening of exploring a new city can be exciting and rewarding. Participating in activities with colleagues outside of an office or conference room encourages team building and bonding between employees. Taking some time to enjoy the pleasures of your business trip destination is refreshing and good for overall team morale.

Some common group activities for employees during after-work hours include exploring popular sights in the city, eating at interesting new restaurants, seeing tourist attractions and joining the nightlife. Because you and your group will almost certainly be making multiple stops, shuttling in a van rental with colleagues is the ideal way for a group to travel between restaurants, attractions or any other destinations.

Business Trips

Business trips can feel difficult and at times, overwhelming. However, when planned thoroughly using the proper business trip tips and tricks, these trips can be extremely rewarding and useful for all members involved. If youd like to learn more on how van rentals can help make your next business trip a success, or to make a reservation, contact us today by calling 877-826-4680 or visit the reservations page on our website.