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Vanning to Vegas

When youre planning a trip to Las Vegas or some other premium destination for your family or large group, deciding how to get there is often your biggest headache. Instead of spending precious time lining up all the fun stuffwhere youll stay, what youll I eat, the shows youll see, and what youll do with all your winningsyoure bogged down with How do I transport such a large group so that everyones happy and no one feels left out?

After all, while it may not be entirely true that its not the destination, its the journey (especially when youre travelling to Vegas), you can certainly do a lot to make getting there more enjoyable and memorable . . . and it all starts with a van. Yes, you heard me right. A van.

Whether youre a tour group flying into McCarran International Airport from back east and need transportation for the week, or a bunch of friends driving up from LA for the weekend, a mini-van or 10- or 12- or even 15-passenger van is the solution your group needs to make its trek to Vegas all the more memorable and enjoyable.

When were challenged to transport large groups of friends, extended family, tour groups, or colleagues to an event or on a vacation getaway, we often weigh the number of rental cars needed with the added expense and wonder if its worth it, or if we should just limit the size of the group to five people plus luggageand even then its still a tight squeeze. Whos in? Whos out? And whos going to break the news to those who get left behind?

You dont have that kind of worry with a van. Affordable and comfortable, a rental van can easily accommodate 8 to 15 people plus luggage, allowing large groups to share space and make lasting memories together.

Do More Together with a Van

Driving north from LA to Las Vegas is at least a four-hour drive, and thats on a good day. Add in travel at peak hours or the holidays, and youre easily looking at six or seven hours on the road to get there, and more to get back.

How would you like to spend all that time on I-15with your group split up in 2 or 3 cars, cursing the traffic for detracting from your time together, or with everyone in a single van, yukking it up and commiserating about your traffic woes together? Better yet, when youre all in the same vehicle you can get into a Vegas frame of mind together by firing up the vans sound system to sing-along to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Garth Brooks, or Shania Twain (and if that doesnt get everyone into a Vegas mood, nothing will). Even if youre simply looking to transport your group and all its luggage from McCarran to the hotel and then be able take in the sights and sounds of Vegas together for the week, renting a van is convenient, economical, and fun.

Youll save by not needing to rent and fuel multiple cars. Youll avoid the hassle of having to flag down 2 or more taxis at a time when your group wants to call it quits for the night, not to mention paying multiple fares. And with just one vehicle, youll need only one designated driver, meaning most members of your group wont have to worry about driving after a few after-dinner drinks. Vans are no longer just for transporting cargo and your older brothers struggling rock band to its next gig. For more than 12 years and with 13 convenient locations (and growing), Airport Van Rental (AVR) has made it easy for large groups of friends, family members, teammates, co-workers, tour groups, and more to rent vans that fit their passenger and cargo needs. Anyone 21 years or older with a standard Class C license and a credit card can rent a van, and its more comfortable than you thinkmost of todays vans have all the amenities and accessories you expect to find in rental cars.

So if your large group wants to go vanning to Vegas, your local state fair, or simply take in the autumn foliage with a drive through the Rockies, you can plan your next outing with confidence knowing that with a van its easier and more affordable than ever.

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