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Ontario, CA is also bursting with personality, originality, and Beauty. Few other cities offer such a diverse group of people, places, and experiences. Of course, seeing it all is impossible without a vehicle. 


Ontario, CA is a big city, so renting a van from AVR lets you explore this sprawling, exciting city at your own pace. With a van rental, Ontario, CA becomes easily accessible. Always having a vehicle available makes it easy to plan or be spontaneous. For smaller groups, a 12-passenger van rental may be what you need if you have a large group. That way, no one gets left out on the fun. A 15-passenger van rental is also an option for a large group. This way, everyone can hop in and cruise around without sacrificing legroom or comfort. 

Simplify Van Rental with AVR Contactless Rentals

Having a van rental makes Ontario, CA much easier to explore, but choosing the right rental agency is crucial if to a hassle-free experience. Why not cut out the middleman and try out Contactless Rental option.


Here at AVR, we make it easy and affordable for you to rent a premium passenger van rental in Ontario, CA. Simply download our app, pick the best van for your group, sign your rental agreement, and unlock your vehicle all from your phone.

Browse AVR’s Passenger Van Collection

Passenger vans are specifically designed for transporting groups of people. They are similar in size to cargo vans, but instead of space to haul items, they have extra rows of seats. Passenger vans also have luxury features that keep everyone comfortable, such as dual air conditioning and plenty of legroom.

12 Passenger Van

12-passenger vans are perfect if you are coming to Ontario, CA with a large group. In addition to 12 people, this passenger van can fit up to 4 bags. 

15 Passenger Van

Our biggest passenger vans are 15-seaters, popular options for school field trips or company excursions. There's plenty of space for your group, but luggage space is limited. If you're flying in SJC, you may want to drop your luggage off at your hotel before picking up your group. 

Explore Every Corner of Los Angeles

There's a reason Los Angeles is famous worldwide — there's so much to do during your stay here! If you have enough time, why not use LAX as a hub for exploring other great cities in southern California? For example, San Diego is just under two hours away from LAX airport. 


If you're feeling especially adventurous, spend a couple of days in Las Vegas or San Francisco, both great destinations with plenty to see along the way.

Where to Begin? 

The great thing about Los Angeles is that there's no shortage of fun to be had — especially with a Ontario International Airport van rental to get you around. But with a surplus of great things to see and do, you may wonder where to start!  


We recommend taking your van down to Hollywood and seeing where today's hottest actors and actresses got their start. Or spend a day at Venice Beach soaking up the sun and waves. Of course, there's much more to L.A. than celebs and sunshine. In fact, Los Angeles boasts a wide variety of cultural staples, including museums, galleries, fine cuisine, and so much more.

More Must-See LA Attractions

LA has many terrific destinations, but here are some of our favorite places for first-time visitors:


  • The J. Paul Getty Museum

  • Griffith Park and Observatory (night view pictured)

  • The Ontario, CA Farmer's Market

  • The Music Center at the top of Bunker Hill

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

  • Long Beach Little Tokyo

  • Santa Monica Pier


Many of these locations offer a variety of activities for children and adults. You can spend an entire day at any of these museums, beaches, or markets. So, pack up your contactless van rental from ONT  — it's time to go on an adventure! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to rent a passenger van? 

The minimum rental age to rent a car is 21. However, drivers aged 21-24 are subject to a young driver fee of $25/day. All renters need a valid driver's license and proof of insurance, including additional drivers.

What if I can’t make it to the pick-up location on time?


At AVR, we understand that flight delays happen and travelers run across issues from time to time. Call our office if you can't make it to your scheduled pick-up date or time. You can reschedule another time to get the vehicle at our rental location, or let us bring it to you!

Will AVR price match if I find a cheaper option? 

Yes. AVR matches the prices of competing rental agencies. However, it's up to you as the customer to provide the details of the offer you want us to price match. Ensure the offer from the other rental company is for the exact dates as your reservation with AVR and that the vehicle is the same model. 

What if I need the passenger van for longer? 

If you need to keep the van longer than expected, we may be able to arrange a later drop-off time. Renters should call us so we can verify the availability of the vehicle and inform you of any relevant rate changes. 

Book Your Next Ontario, CA Van Rental with AVR

There is no better van rental provider in the Ontario, CA area than AVR! We offer the lowest rates, expertly maintained van rentals, all with a quick, clean, and contactless rental process in Ontario, CA. If you're interested in 12-15 passenger rentals, don't hesitate to contact us! 


Our outstanding customer service team would be happy to help make your experience as streamlined, fast, and straightforward as possible. Call 279-699-4171 to speak to a knowledgeable associate, or feel free to contact our Ontario, CA location directly at (213) 519-6345 to arrange travel. 


Book your trip to Ontario, CA today, and let the fun begin!

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