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33318 SE 6th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316



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Shuttle Pickup Instructions:

When you arrive and pick up your luggage call 1-954-525-8008. The rental agent will provide you with shuttle instruction.  If you are renting more than 1 vehicle please just send the drivers.

Airport Van Rental Fort Lauderdale General Information

Located at the southern cusp of the Sunshine State, Ft. Lauderdale is metropolitan hub with over 4,000 restaurants, 132 nightclubs, and 63 golf courses. Without a doubt, it’s a tourist destination because of this year-round 75 ‘F weather, beautiful people and beaches. Not only is it filled with rich history, it a booming center of new economic wealth. From cruising on a boat down Las Olas River to great dining at countless restaurants, Fort Lauderdale is a fun spot for all individuals in a family. Rent a minivan, 8, 12 or 15 passenger van and explore the rich culture of the city and the surrounding area.

Experience Fort Lauderdale with Zero Hassle

Renting a personal vehicle or van lets you explore this sprawling, exciting city at your own pace. With a van rental, Ft. Lauderdale becomes easily accessible. Having a vehicle available to you at all times also makes it easy to make plans and be spontaneous. Fortunately, we offer top-quality 15 passenger van rental in Ft. Lauderdale at prices that are surprisingly affordable – especially split among a group.

So Much to See and Do

The great thing about Fort Lauderdale is that there's no shortage of fun to be had – especially with a van rental to get you there. Take your crew on a drive down to Las Olas River - where there is collection of shopping, dining, and sight-seeing. Or, spend a day at the beach in snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

Here are some of the most popular attractions Ft. Lauderdale has to offer:

Pack up your minivan rental from Airport Van Rental Fort Lauderdale, it's time to go on an adventure! Many of these locations offer a variety of activities for children and adults. You can spend an entire day at any of these museums, beaches, or markets.

  • Everglades Holiday Park
  • Jungle Queen Riverboats
  • Las Olas Gondola Tours
  • Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale
  • Hollywood Beach Boardwalk
  • Bonnet House

Get the Most from Your Minivan, 8, 12, or 15 Passenger Van Rental in Ft. Lauderdale

When you have a van rental, Ft. Lauderdale is easy to explore! Here at Airport Van Rental, we make it easy and affordable for you to rent a premium 12 passenger van rental in FLL for the entire duration of your stay here in “The Venice of America. We can send someone to deliver your van directly to your location, or feel free to pick it up at our location just a few miles east from FLL.

Reserve Your  Airport Van Rental Fort Lauderdale Today

You won't find a better deal on a van rental. we offer the lowest rates for premium, expertly maintained van rentals at our Airport Van Rental Fort Lauderdale location.

We offer the lowest rates for premium, carefully maintained minivan rentals in FLL, 8-15 passenger vans, and more. We also offer truly outstanding customer service to make your experience as streamlined, fast, and simple as possible. Call 877-826-4680 to speak to a knowledgeable associate, or feel free to contact our Ft. Lauderdale location directly at 954-525-8008 to arrange travel. Book your trip to Ft. Lauderdale today.

Rental vehicles leaving the state and local rentals

Rental vehicles leaving the state and local rentals leaving the state are subject to a 200 miles limit per day. All additional miles will be charged at 0.25 cents.

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS - You can add as many additional drivers to your rental agreement as you like. Due to increased exposure and liability, Carl’s does require a charge of $7.99 per day per additional driver. For us to add an additional driver, we do require a photocopy or digital image of the valid driver's license as well as the proof of insurance coverage for each respective driver. We apologize for any inconvenience - the State of Florida requires this information for all drivers of a rented vehicle.

AFTER HOURS PICKUPS/RETURNS - If you are coming in outside of Carl's normal office hours, we can still accommodate your rental! We offer our Platinum service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (providing you are picking up after hours, or when our office is closed - otherwise the charge is a minimum of $100). In order to do so, Carl's will need paperwork to be completed as soon as possible after your reservation is made. All of the paperwork can be easily completed in person, via fax, or through email - whichever is easiest for you. If you are unsure how to operate the vehicle that you are renting, please contact us and we can schedule a time at one of our offices to go over the vehicle's operation. Also, please ensure that we have plenty of time to deliver your vehicle and get it ready. We like all paperwork to be completed a minimum of 48 hours prior to your pickup date/time. The renter will be responsible for any and all parking fees (up to $15 per day) arising from picking up or returning outside of Carl`s office hours.

MINIMUM DRIVING AGE - As per our insurance regulations, Carl's requires that all renters be age 21 or older. Carls Van Rentals charges an underage fee of $19 for any drivers between the ages of 21-24. A valid, government issued driver license and proof of insurance are required. Sorry, but we can't make any exceptions on this!

AIRPORT PICKUP/RETURN - Carl's offers a free shuttle during normal operating hours. Once you arrive and have your luggage, give our office a call at 954-525-8008 and we will instruct you where to meet our shuttle.

OFFICE HOURS - Ft. Lauderdale office is open from 8am-6pm EST Monday through Friday and 8am-4pm on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday. If you are arriving (or need to pick up) before or after our normal office hours, it's no problem! Make your reservation and we will be in touch with you to set up an after-hours pickup. We will need to complete your paperwork via fax or email a minimum of 48 hours prior to your pickup! There is no charge for this service.

CANCELLATIONS – We know plans can change. Please let us know as soon as possible when you need to cancel your rental so we can release that unit back into the retail market and someone else can book that unit.

CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS RESERVATIONS - Reservations that include any date from December 18-January 8 will require 50% deposit in order to book. Cancellations must be made outside of 28 days of the pickup date for a full refund. Cancellations made within 28 days of the pickup date will forfeit the 50% deposit in exchange for a store credit equivalent to the same amount (credit will be good for life for any future reservations). In addition, a Christmas credit card authorization form must be completed and returned to Carl's Van Rentals. Sorry, since the Christmas/New Years time period is so busy, we are unable to offer any exceptions to this policy!

CURRENCY - Carl's Van Rentals accepts all major credit cards (check/debit/prepaid cards are NOT considered credit cards and will require an additional deposit and verification. Please check Debit Card policy for details) Cash is also accepted (please review policy under other) in U.S. currency only.

DEBIT/CHECK/PREPAID CARDS  - All reservations made with a check/debit card will require a $125 reservation deposit. This deposit will go towards the cost of your rental and acts as a prepayment. Carl's will also accept cash and check/debit cards as forms of payment. Carl's does NOT accept prepaid cards. YOU MUST CONTACT CARL'S PRIOR TO YOUR RENTAL FOR CASH/DEBIT/CHECK CARD POLICIES. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN CANCELLATION OF YOUR RENTAL AND FORFEIT OF YOUR DEPOSIT. For any renters using a card with debit/check anywhere on the card an additional deposit of a minimum of $500 and full coverage auto insurance that transfers to our vehicle will be required. Requirements when using cash, check, and debit cards; We require a min of a 3 day rental. You must bring in 3 forms of ID showing your current address. You must provide us with 3 working phone numbers to get ahold of you. You must have your own auto insurance that will transfer to protect our vehicle.

CASH PAYMENTS - Cash is accepted with an additional security deposit of $500 in addition to the cost of the rental. For instance, if your rental is $500, you would need to have $1,000 cash available at pickup. Carl's does NOT refund in the form of cash at any time. Refunds will be made by check and sent via regular mail within 3-5 business days of the vehicles return.

CHECK PAYMENTS - Personal checks or handwritten checks are not accepted for any reason. School, government, or institution checks are accepted providing Carl's receives the check a minimum of 14 days prior to the pickup date. Carl's will STILL REQUIRE a credit card authorization to be placed on file - this is for incidentals only and WILL NOT be charged unless vehicle is returned with less fuel, damage, etc. Requirements when using cash, check, and debit cards; We require a min of a 3 day rental. You must bring in 3 forms of ID showing your current address. You must provide us with 3 working phone numbers to get ahold of you. You must have your own auto insurance that will transfer to protect our vehicle.

OFFICE ADDRESS - Carl's Van Rentals is located at:
3318 S.E. 6th Ave Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316.

DRIVER LICENSE - A valid government-issued driver's license will be required of all drivers at the time of rental. The license may not be expired, cracked, broken, or a temporary permit/license. International customers will be required to provide a passport, international drivers license (not required, but recommended), and are required to purchase our Personal Protection Package insurance coverage. Carl's Van Rentals will NOT waive this charge unless you have proof of insurance covering auto rentals in the US.

EARLY RETURNS - Vehicles may be returned to any physical location that Carl's Van Rentals operates. However, Carl`s does not offer refunds for returning a vehicle earlier than the specified return time on rental agreement. Should a customer experience a verifiable mechanical or safety problem or issue, the customer may elect to return the vehicle to one of Carl`s physical offices or leave the vehicle in its current state/position. Carl`s management will make determination of refundable monies once the vehicle is recovered and inspected thoroughly to verify validity of problem. If a problem is not able to be found/verified, the customer may be responsible for transportation fees of $250 or $1 per mile from mile one.

EMERGENCY CONTACT - Carl's will provide you with a 24 hour nationwide roadside assistance number that may also be used for contacting Carl's should an emergency situation arise outside of normal business hours.

FUEL - Carl's Van Rentals does not fill all gas tanks to full. This helps us continue to keep our rates as low as possible! Fuel level will be checked and confirmed at the time of rental. Customer is required to bring the vehicle back with the same amount of fuel as when rented. Fuel discrepancies will be billed up to $10.00 US per gallon (actual amount set by daily pump price and will be reflected on written contracts).

GEOGRAPHIC RESTRICTIONS - Vehicles may travel to any state in the continental United States. Travel outside of the state of Florida is regulated by GPS tracking units. You can not travel in Canada or Mexico due to insurance regulations.

HOLIDAY HOURS - Carl's Van Rentals is closed for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day so that our employees may spend time with their families. Pickups and drop offs for these days are available and may be arranged by contacting Carls.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS - All renters (except international customers) are required to provide proof of insurance coverage. Carl`s offers coverage’s for customers that do not carry their own insurance however we do not currently provide any "full coverage" options. Carl`s does provide supplemental insurance coverage’s that you may elect to add at the time of booking. NOTICE: Credit cards never carry liability coverage and will not be accepted as insurance. Credit cards are secondary coverage and only cover damage to the rented vehicle. They do not offer coverage in the event of any liability claims.

LOCAL RENTERS - Renters picking up locally may do so by visiting our office during our normal office hours. Renters with a Florida Drivers License and currently residing in the State of Florida will not be subject to airport fees.

MILEAGE - Unlimited miles package is available on all rentals 3 days or longer with the exception of Minibuses and Sprinters. Minibuses and Sprinters never receive unlimited miles - customers renting minibuses and Sprinters will receive 100 miles per day of rental .49 per mile thereafter. Rentals of 1 or 2 days on all other vehicle classes will receive 200 miles per day .25 per mile thereafter. Unlimited miles is not available for any transportation companies, taxi services, drive services or any other similar or related for-hire driving/delivery services. If you are flying in and staying in the State of Florida, you will receive unlimited miles. If you fly in and then drive out of Florida you will be allowed 200 miles free per day then .25 a mile after that.

PETS - No pets are allowed in any vehicle unless crated. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is clean and odor-free and has no signs of pet hair, etc. Service animals are always allowed in Carl's vehicles with proper documentation. A $100 cleanup fee will be assessed to any vehicle with any signs of pet transport. Hypoallergenic animals are also required to be crated!

OVERSTAYS - Keeping rental vehicles longer than originally scheduled is generally not a problem providing the vehicle is not already reserved for another customer. You will need to call the office and let them know you want to extend the rental as soon as you know you want to keep it longer.

INTERNATIONAL RENTERS - All international renters are required to purchase the Personal Protection Package at $41.99 per day in order to rent a vehicle with us (we do not accept any credit cards for insurance coverage). We may waive this requirement if the renter brings verifiable proof of full coverage automobile insurance in the United States (US territories excluded.) No exceptions.

PAYMENT INFORMATION - Payment by be made by the following: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Carl's will also accept cash and check/debit cards as forms of payment.

PICKUP/RETURN - All renters are required to pick up the vehicle directly from Carl's Van Rentals location (arrangements for delivery, etc, must be prearranged a minimum of 48 hours prior to pickup). Carl's offers free shuttle service to and from Ft. Lauderdale International Airport free of charge during normal business hours. If you are arriving or departing outside our normal business hours, the vehicle will be delivered to the airport (pickup after hours) or you may drop the vehicle off directly at the airport (providing your flight departs no later than 1.5 hours from our stores opening time. (For example, our store opens at 8am. If your flight departs at 9am, you would be able to drop at the airport (proof of flight required).

PREPAID RESERVATIONS - Prepaid reservations are available by contacting Carl's Van Rentals within 24 hours after booking your reservation online by giving our office a call and letting them know you would like to prepay for your rental. All prepaid bookings are completely non refundable if cancelled. No credits will be given. Carl's will offer a 5% discount for prepayment. Again, there are NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS for prepaid rentals..

RESERVATION HOLD TIME - Reservations are held for three hours from the provided pickup time or one hour from confirmed flight touch-down time. PLEASE provide your flight information when you book your vehicle. This will ensure that we know when you are coming and to avoid having your reservation cancelled! Carl's will attempt to contact you via email and/or phone. If we are unable to reach you in the three hour time or one hour after your confirmed touchdown, Carl's Van Rentals reserves the right to cancel the reservation and retain the reservation deposit.

FREE SHUTTLE - Carl's Van Rentals provides a free shuttle to and from all airports during normal operating hours for all customers and is free of charge! If you are arriving outside our operating hours, please refer to After Hours policy.

SMOKING - Absolutely NO SMOKING in any vehicle. Carl's imposes a $250 fine for ANY detection of smoking including smoke odor, ashes, butts in ashtray, etc. No exceptions! Carl's Van Rentals will not tolerate any form of smoking in any vehicle!

Tolls - All rental vehicles are equipped with an automatic toll payment system. At a rate of $4.95 per day of rental (maximum $24.95 total per month), you will be able to use all Florida toll roads as much as you like. You may decline to use this service as Carl’s Van Rentals does not require the use of the automatic toll payment system. You may elect to stop and pay each toll with cash if you choose. However, in the event of any non-payment of tolls or non-registration of payment of tolls, the automatic toll system will activate itself upon non-payment (to avoid $100 per toll violation) and the renter will be charged for each day of rental retroactive to the first day of rental for automatic toll system use.

TRAVEL TO CANADA - Vehicles may not travel to Canada for any reason.

TRAVEL TO MEXICO - Vehicles may not travel to Mexico for any reason.


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33318 SE 6th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316



8:00 AM - 6:00 PM


12:34 PM - 12:34 PM


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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