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Airport Van Rental Long Beach General Information

You will find that touring Long Beach is much easier with a van rental. How else would you be able to freely explore the state-of-the-art aquarium, charming boutiques, golf courses, and many waterfront attractions? With an amazing eight miles of beach to roam along the picturesque Pacific Ocean, you would be lost in the large shipping port without a vehicle that you can depend on. It's a good thing that you can get van rentals from our Airport Van Rental Long Beach location to explore the area.

Drive Rather Than Walk

Long Beach is a large city, with a well-known, well, long coastline. Do you want to spend the few days that you have in this sunny paradise wasting time walking from place to place? Or, would you rather invest in a Long Beach van rental that you can drive anywhere you choose at your own convenience? You can choose from a huge passenger van or a cute minivan that you can use to pack up your surfboard and other beach accessories.

Explore the Area Around You

There is just so much to do in Long Beach that you will never find yourself bored. For art lovers, there is the Long Beach Museum of Art, operated by the city, and the Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum. There is also no shortage of beautiful street art, including murals in unexpected locales. For music lovers, there is the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, where several world music, classical, and jazz concerts are presented annually.

The fun doesn't stop there. Long Beach is also home to the Aquarium of the Pacific, a learning center that teaches diversity and celebrates its beliefs with dance and heritage festivals all year long. You can also try a bit of retail therapy in the East Village Arts District, home to a variety of shops and galleries, located in the downtown area.

Of course, two top attractions in Long Beach are the Queen Mary and the Grand Prix of Long Beach that is held each April. The Queen Mary is a retired British ocean liner that has been permanently moored in Long Beach since 1967. Today, it’s a tourist attraction that is in the process of being converted into a floating hotel. The Grand Prix is the largest event that Long Beach has to offer. It’s a Formula 500 race that has been run on the streets of downtown annually since 1975.

Here are some other fun things to do and see in Long Beach:

  • Sailing
  • The Catalina Express
  • The Long Beach Waterfront
  • Biking Trails
  • Naples Island
  • El Dorado Nature Center
  • Dolphin & Whale Watching
  • Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
  • Scorpion Submarine
  • The Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center
  • Long Beach Antique Market

Get your Minivan or Passenger Airport Van Rental Long Beach

With an Airport Van Rental in Long Beach, you can carry your beach and fishing equipment with relative ease from one area to another. You will never have to worry about being stranded after dark while touring the city’s many nightclubs and bars, because you will have your very own transportation to take you where you need to go. If you don’t prefer driving, you may call us and we can send you a van rental in Long Beach, CA with your very own licensed and insured chauffeur to ensure that you get back to your hotel safely.

Reserve Your Airport Van Rental Long Beach Today!

You will be glad that you decided on a van rental from us at Airport Van Rental. Not only are our vans well-maintained and clean, they are also surprisingly affordable compared to most rental vehicles.

To get the most for your money, ask us about our minivan and 8, 12, and 15 passenger van rentals in and around Long Beach. Contact us today at 877-826-4680 to get started and you will be sure to get even more pleasure from your Long Beach trip.

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