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Airport Van Rental, Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport

2352 Marginal Los Ángeles, San Juan, Carolina 00979

Welcome to Airport Van Rental of Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport

Upon arrival please take the Shuttle Service van with the large Smiling Sun logo to our location at Marginal Los Angeles km 10.3 Isla Verde 00979. We will provide your return trip to the airport. We hold vehicles up to 2 hours after the arrival time on your reservation during business hours. The shuttle pick up is outside baggage claim Terminal 2 sidewalk and is running constantly 7 days a week during business hours. We are 2 miles from the Airport and provide shuttle service at no charge.

Experience the Best of San Juan with a Convenient Van Rental

Whether you want to immerse yourself in the rich culture of San Juan or uncover the hidden gems scattered throughout the city, there's no shortage of excitement waiting for you. San Juan is renowned for its vibrant mix of architecture, art, cuisine, music, and the breathtaking beauty of its natural landscapes.

The city truly embodies diversity, creativity, and charm. To make the most of your San Juan experience, a reliable mode of transportation is essential.

By renting a van from AVR, you can comfortably explore this captivating city at your leisure. With a van rental, San Juan's numerous attractions become easily accessible, allowing you to make spontaneous plans and enjoy the freedom of the open road. For larger groups, consider a 15-passenger van rental to ensure everyone can travel together without compromising on space or comfort.

Smaller groups may find a minivan rental in San Juan more suitable, while a 12-passenger van rental might be the perfect choice for medium-sized groups. This way, everyone can join in on the excitement.

AVR also offers unique, handcrafted journeys that begin in San Juan and lead you to stunning destinations. We've carefully selected stops along the way to ensure your adventure remains thrilling from start to finish. But, rest assured, if your heart is set on exploring the city of San Juan itself, there's plenty to keep you entertained.

Simplify Van Rental with AVR

Exploring San Juan becomes a breeze when you have a reliable van rental at your disposal. However, selecting the right rental agency is crucial for a seamless and stress-free rental experience.

At Airport Van Rental, we make it effortless and affordable for you to rent a top-quality passenger van for the entirety of your stay in the beautiful city of San Juan. We offer a flexible service that can deliver your van directly to your location, or you can pick it up at our convenient location near Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU).

Browse AVR’s Van & Suv Collection

Passenger vans are specifically designed for transporting groups of people. They are similar in size to cargo vans, but instead of using the extra space to haul items, they have an additional number of seats. Passenger vans also have luxury features that keep everyone comfortable, such as dual air conditioning and plenty of legroom.

15 Passenger Van

Our biggest passenger vans are 15-seaters, popular options for school field trips or company excursions. There's plenty of space for your group, but luggage space is limited. If you're flying in SJU, you may want to drop your luggage off at your hotel before picking up your group. 


Cargo Vans

Our largest cargo vans provide substantial space for your cargo needs. These are popular options for business trips or moving large items. They offer plenty of room for your goods, but passenger space is limited. If you're flying into SJU, you may want to arrange for a separate passenger transport before collecting your goods with the cargo van.

Suv Rental

Our spacious SUVs, with seating for up to seven, are a popular option for families, small groups, or those desiring a higher vantage point on the road. They offer a great balance of comfort, luggage capacity, and passenger space. Whether you're planning a road trip, need extra space for luggage or equipment, or simply prefer the elevated driving position, an SUV is an excellent choice. If you're flying into SJU, an SUV can conveniently accommodate both passengers and luggage, allowing you to embark on your journey directly from the airport.


Discover the Wonders of San Juan and Beyond

San Juan is an iconic city that is cherished by locals and visitors alike. With its unique landmarks, bustling streets, and diverse culture, there's never a shortage of excitement in the city of San Juan. If you're eager to explore more of Puerto Rico, consider San Juan as your hub for venturing into other incredible destinations nearby, such as the picturesque El Yunque National Forest or even the beautiful beaches of Rincon.

San Juan's Must-See Attractions

While there are countless amazing sights in San Juan, here are some of our top recommendations for first-time visitors:

• Old San Juan

• Castillo San Felipe del Morro

• The Bacardi Rum Factory

• The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

• La Fortaleza (Governor’s House)

• The Isla Verde Beach Area

• El Yunque National Forest


These destinations cater to a wide range of interests, offering something for everyone, from children to adults. Spend an entire day at one of these museums, parks, or markets, and let your San Juan adventure unfold. So, secure your van rental, and prepare to create lasting memories in this captivating city.

Book Your Next SJU Van Rental with AVR There is no better van rental provider in the San Juan area than AVR! We offer the lowest rates for premium, expertly maintained van rentals in San Juan. If you're interested in 8-15 passenger or minivan rentals, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our outstanding customer service team would be happy to help make your experience as streamlined, fast, and straightforward as possible. Call 279-699-6259 to speak to a knowledgeable associate to arrange travel.

Book your trip to San Juan today, and let the fun begin!


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