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7 Passenger Minivan Rental

Dodge Caravan or similar

Vehicle Details

7 Passenger 3 Bags
4 Doors 20 Mpg
Automatic Transmis Dual A/C
AM/FM, CD player

A minivan rental from Airport Van Rental is perfect for a road trip or a family vacation with room for up to 7 people comfortably. A roomy 7 passenger van rental is your ticket to family adventures and travel memories. Where will your minivan rental take you?

7 Passenger Minivan for All Your Adventure Needs

When you’re setting out on an adventure, comfort and convenience are likely at the top of your list for car rentals. A 7 Passenger minivan is a more spacious vehicle than a full-size car and gives you better gas mileage, unmatched comfort, and the convenience you seek. With ample room for legs and luggage, the minivan has configurable seating specs and a manageable storage capacity. 

Key Features of Your 7 Passenger Minivan

7 Doors

A 7 passenger minivan allows for quick and easy maneuvering. All passengers can get inside and outside the van through one of seven doors, making it an ideal rental option for group outings and family vacations. With plenty of doors to move in and out of, it’s also a breeze to pull luggage from the cargo space. 

20 MPG

With a 7 passenger minivan, you can expect a 20 MPG fuel economy. Rent a Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Sienna, Mercedes Benz Metris, Kia Sedona, and Dodge Grand Caravan for higher gas mileage to withstand longer adventures on all types of terrain.  

Automatic Transmission

Most AVR van rental options come with automatic gear transmission that gives even the newer drivers in your crew more control over the vehicle. 

AM/FM, CD Player

We understand the importance of music and entertainment when you are on a family trip. That’s why all of our rental vans are equipped with AM/FM and CD players, so you can keep everyone happy on the long journey.

Dual A/C

At AVR, all minivan rentals come with dual-zone automatic climate control that can maintain different temperatures autonomously. Everyone in the car can stay at a comfortable temperature the whole trip.

Models Offered

Dodge Caravan

The Dodge Caravan is a two-wheel-drive (2WD) minivan with a stylish interior designed specifically for comfort. Curated features, thrilling performance, and sharp design make it popular among new and seasoned drivers. 

Several base-level interior features include:

  • Four 12V power outlets

  • Six-speaker sound system

  • UConnect voice command 

  • Stow ‘N Go  

Similar Honda, Nissan, Chrysler, and Toyota passenger minivan rental options are also available.

AVR is the Ultimate 7 Passenger Minivan Rental Location

Nation-Wide Rental Locations

AVR operates across the US, and you can pick up your rental minivan from any branch by providing your full name and a valid ID. You must use the same name as mentioned on your credit card or debit card. We have van rental pick-up and drop outlets across the US international airports. Don’t delay — pre-book your rental by giving us a call. 

Rental Pick-Up That Works for You

At AVR, we have a flexible rental minivan pick-and-drop policy that allows customers to pick up the vehicle from one store and drop it to another as per convenience. Identity validation is needed to complete the pick-up and drop formalities. 

We also can deliver it to a specific location if you cannot pick up your booked 7 passenger minivan rental due to a hectic schedule. Just give us a call and let us know where to go! 

In-Car WiFi for Road Trip Entertainment

All our minivan rentals are equipped with in-car WiFi that allows all the passengers to stay connected with the world even when they are on an adventurous trip to the most secluded locations. Connect up to 12 devices to access the internet, connect to Android Auto, or sign in to Apple CarPlay on the go.

Family-Owned, Family-Operated

We understand your concerns related to the comfort and safety of your family members while you’re on unfamiliar roads. At Airport Van Rentals, we deliver minivan rentals equipped with robust security features, such as airbags, that ensure safety while on tough terrain with your kids, parents, or spouse. 

7 Passenger Minivan Rental FAQ

Are there additional safety features in AVR rentals?

All 7 passenger minivan rentals come with company-fitted safety features, such as blind-spot detection, that ensures the best driver and passenger safety. Contact the AVR support team if you have any questions or queries about car safety. 

Do AVR passenger minivans offer all-wheel drive? 

Yes! At AVR, we deliver a wide variety of minivan rental options to the passengers, from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive to all-wheel drive. Contact our support team to enquire more about the options that best fit your car rental needs. 

What is fuel economy like in AVR minivans?

AVR minivan rentals give you good fuel mileage to help you stay on budget. If you want to rent a more sturdy vehicle for your next rugged trip, we offer subcompact SUVs to standard AWDs. 

AVR’s 7 Passenger Minivan Pass the Test! Here’s Why.

We have a wide database of happy customers who regularly choose our rental solutions, from minivan rental to luxury car services. Explore our car rental catalog and pick the one that meets your needs. 

We offer stylish SUVs and convenient minivans ranging from Honda Odyssey to Kia Sedona. Our rental cars have premium features, including adaptive cruise control, power windows, child-seat support, and Bluetooth infotainment.

We ensure that our 7 passenger minivan rentals are top quality and ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Without the unnecessary stress of transportation, you’re free to make new memories with your favorite people! 

Book Your 7 Passenger Minivan with AVR

Contact Airport Van Rentals’ support team to book a 7-passenger minivan rental of your choice. If you are unsure of the vehicle you should rent, give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our team will help you reserve the right vehicle.  

Once you book your rental minivan, pick it up from any nearby location by providing your full name or let us know if you want us to drop off the van at a particular location.