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AVR Los Angeles Family Event Highlight: Unleash your inner Child!

AVR Los Angeles Family Event Highlight

Los Angeles is a bustling multicultural city with a high-end affinity for superstars and fancy cars. Don’t let Rodeo Drive or Hollywood fully define the city though. Los Angeles is home to some amazing sites of cultural and scenery that make for one amazing family vacation destination. AVR Van Rental has you covered with not only the perfect vehicle for your needs, but family tailored events guaranteed to make lasting memories. Our spacious minivan rentals are perfect for smaller families and provides plenty of room for everyone to cruise around in comfort and style.

Need something even bigger to accommodate everyone? Try one of our 10 or 11 passenger van rentals and now no one is left out of the fun. With AVR there are never airport fees or hidden markups so rent with peace of mind knowing you are getting the best deal. Our pay now save later lets you pay for your rental ahead of time and save tons of time and money. Find a better price? We will match it.

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Unleash Your Inner Creativity

The Kidspace Children’s Museum is home to over 3.5 acres of interactive exhibits including an indoor imagination area filled with workshops and various activities. It is located in Pasadena California which is about a 30-minute drive from LA. Thing can get a little messy when the kids are playing in the interactive exhibits, so we recommend bringing a change of clothes, some towels, and even shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty or water on.

The Kidspace Children Museum is mostly located outdoors, but that doesn’t mean all the fun takes place there. Though one of the most sought-after attractions is the Arroyo Adventure. This outdoor rocky landscape lets Children and Adults alike interact with the kinetic experiences of nature. Its like a school lesson, but having fun while doing it! There is also Physics Forest, which is dedicated to teaching about pulley-systems, levers, and momentum!

There is a café and store on site, but we know most people visiting LA want to try some local cuisine and really get the experience. We Recommend eating at, Craft By Smoke & Fire. This local BBQ joint serves up heaps of comfort food the whole family will love with a casual and family friendly environment.

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