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AVR San Francisco Family Event Highlight: Get Creative!

AVR San Francisco Family Event Highlight

San Francisco is an east coast city in a west coast setting. This bustling city feels like it never sleeps, but for those looking for adventure and amazing scenery, you won’t be let down spending your vacation here. AVR Van Rental has you covered with not only the perfect vehicle for your needs, but a family tailored event guaranteed to make lasting memories. Our spacious minivan rentals are perfect for smaller families and provides plenty of room for everyone to cruise around in comfort and style. Need something even bigger to accommodate everyone?

Try one of our 10 or 11 passenger van rentals and now no one is left out of the fun. With AVR there are never airport fees or hidden markups so rent with peace of mind knowing you are getting the best deal. Our pay now save later lets you pay for your rental ahead of time and save tons of time and money. Find a better price? We will match it.

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Unleash Your Creativity!

The Children’s Creativity Museum is the place to unleash your creativity. Everyone adult and kid alike, will have a blast here. From animation studios to storybook creations, you can explore and embark on whatever journey you can create! The Children’s Creativity Museum offers hands-on, multimedia arts and technology experiences designed to build creative confidence in children ages 2-12.

Ever wanted to make your own music video? Here you can and they have all the necessary equipment to make it possible. What’s even better is currently there are new exhibits on the way, so they will be re-opening in October 2022. That means you are just in time to see all the new things in store!

Recommended hotel: Hotel Nikko Near the museum and downtown union square for lots of shopping and other activities.


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