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AVR San Francisco Family Event Highlight: Underwater Worlds!

AVR San Francisco Family Event Highlight

San Francisco is an east coast city in a west coast setting. This bustling city feels like it never sleeps, but for those looking for adventure and amazing scenery, you won’t be let down spending your vacation here. AVR Van Rental has you covered with not only the perfect vehicle for your needs, but a family tailored event guaranteed to make lasting memories. Our spacious minivan rentals are perfect for smaller families and provides plenty of room for everyone to cruise around in comfort and style. Need something even bigger to accommodate everyone?

Try one of our 12 or 15 passenger van rentals and now no one is left out of the fun. With AVR there are never airport fees or hidden markups so rent with peace of mind knowing you are getting the best deal. Our pay now save later lets you pay for your rental ahead of time and save tons of time and money. Find a better price? We will match it.

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Underwater World Awaits

The Aquarium of the Bay is home to amazing marine and wildlife alike. 24,000 local marine animals call it home and there is something for everyone here. It is located on the historic waterfront of Pier 39 and offers a ton of marine life for people of all ages to explore.

From swirling schools of anchovies, to hypnotizing jelly fish and playful otters, they have it all. There are even some touch exhibitions where you can get a hands-on experience with some of these amazing creatures. 

Make sure you plan and check out any hotel package deals that are going on to save you money on both lodging and tickets to the Aquarium.


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