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How You Can Save Money on Your Next Van Rental

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, learning how to save money on a van rental will keep more cash in your pocket to splurge on food, entertainment, and exciting activities on your trip. An affordable van rental is a great option to get around town, see the sites, reach business meetings, or just explore a new destination, especially if you are traveling with a large group. The money your group saves on taxi rides will most likely far outweigh the cost of the rental. Let’s go over some ways to save money on your next journey.

Book Your Van Rental in Advance

People who book early almost always get the best rates and know how to save money on a van rental. Since van rentals are a segment of the travel industry, they are heavily dependent on customer traffic. When there are few customers booking rentals for the same dates months in advance, the rates are usually low, but when many customers want to book rentals on the same last-minute dates, the prices can skyrocket. Overall, when you book early, you compete with fewer customers for the dates and rates you want compared to booking last minute.

Take Advantage of the AAA Discount

Access to a AAA discount is essential if you’re looking to save money on a rental. You will earn a discount of 5% off the full price of your rental if you have AAA, which amounts to $50 on a $1,000 rental. That is a nice chunk of change. Of course, there is an annual fee to join AAA, but you can also use your AAA card for discounts on hotels, restaurants, and a lot of the activities you plan to enjoy on your trip.   

Join the Airport Van Rental (AVR) Email List

If you’re serious about learning how to save money on a van rental, then join our email list. Anyone subscribed to our email list will automatically get the inside scoop on all the best affordable van rental rates, as well as access to special promotions not available to the general public. Best of all, you do not have to search for the special promotions; instead, we email them directly to you. These promotions usually only last for a limited time, so be sure to check your email inbox and act quickly if you receive a great offer.

Like AVR on Facebook

If you don’t want to join AAA, but you still want the 5% discount, we offer a 5% discount off your van rental when you like us on Facebook. This is another option if you’re wondering how to save money on a van rental. Because we want to engage with our customers as much as we can, we’re willing to help in any way we can when it comes to your travel expenses.  

Register for Our Corporate Perks Program

If you’re renting a van on behalf of a company, school, or a nonprofit organization that intends to rent for at least 40 days per year, and you’re wondering how to save money on a van rental, then you’re in luck. Airport Van Rental has a corporate program that not only provides a nice discount off affordable van rental rates, but also includes a free pickup and delivery service and a dedicated sales coordinator. Additionally, under this program, your company will not get charged extra for additional drivers, but this also gives you a great to manage easy, convenient, and affordable transportation for your entire organization.

Travel During the Off Season

Similar to booking your affordable van rental in advance, reserving your rental for the off season is another key when you’re thinking about how to save money on a van rental. Generally, the off season runs from mid-January to March and from September to early November. This is when you will get the best rental rates due to the supply and demand factors that drive the travel industry. Fewer people travel during the off season, so you will compete with fewer customers for the best rates and the best vehicles. In fact, the tables actually turn during the off season, and rental companies will scramble to compete for your business.

Large Groups Should Rent the Biggest Vans Available

If you’re looking to save money while traveling with a large group, keep in mind that it’s more cost-efficient to reserve a van large enough to fit your entire group rather than two separate mid-sized vans. Airport Van Rental has vans that can seat up to 16 people. As an added bonus, since everyone in your group will travel in a single van instead of two vans, you will not have to pay double for parking or double for gas to get to your destination.

Rent a Small Van for Small Groups

However, if you’re traveling with a small group, a small or mid-size van can be an economical way to get around town. Clearly, small vans have lower up-front costs than larger vans meant for big groups, and they also provide numerous benefits when considering how to save money on a van rental. They’re generally more fuel-efficient and many are the same length as a full-size car, making parking relatively easy.

At Airport Van Rental, we specialize in efficient yet affordable solutions for travelers everywhere. If you’d like to learn more about how you can save money on your next rental, feel free to contact our team today.

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