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Laser Shows & More Visiting The Illuminarium in Atlanta

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Atlanta is home to some amazing culture and diverse people from all over. This amazing melting pot of experiences and food, make it the perfect destination to really take in all that life has to offer. Airport Van Rental has you covered with not only the perfect vehicle for your needs, but a family tailored event guaranteed to make lasting memories. Our spacious minivan rentals are perfect for smaller families and provides plenty of room for everyone to cruise around in comfort and style. Need something even bigger to accommodate everyone? Try one of our 12 or 15 passenger van rentals and now no one is left out of the fun. With AVR there are never airport fees or hidden markups so rent with peace of mind knowing you are getting the best deal. Our pay now save later lets you pay for your rental ahead of time and save tons of time and money. Find a better price? We will match it.

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An Illuminating Experience

The Illuminarium is an exhilarating modern art exhibit located at the Common Ground, a shopping center. 

The exhibit offers various virtual backdrops, laser-projected images, 4K interactive projection, scent systems, 360-degree audio, and in-floor vibrations for a fully immersive experience. Meaning you can be anywhere in the world and not have to move! Travel to the African safari and view exotic wildlife, explore depths of deep space beyond our galaxy, step into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland, and discover fantastic sights in the streets of Tokyo all without moving. The world comes to you and you feel as if you are really there.

When your real hunger strikes, there is also a contemporary cafe offering great food choices and a gift shop stocked with things like authentic African goods, apparel, backpacks, posters, cups, books, puzzles, and so much more. This attraction is open for all ages and features family-friendly amenities, like restrooms with diaper changing stations.

Enjoy a magical, unforgettable, experience at this museum and plan your visit today!


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