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What to Consider When Renting a Car for a Road Trip in 2022

Should I Rent a Car for a Road Trip?

Planning to go on a road trip? Make sure to plan your next road trip in a manner that your family enjoys to the fullest. 

Whether you are going to explore the marvelous geological treasures of the Grand Canyon in Arizona or experience the glitz of the sunrise in Los Angeles, California, renting a car for a road trip is always the best option. 

So, you have mapped and arranged every single moment of your road trip, from the most adventurous destinations to booking rooms to watersport activities to underwater diving sessions. But you still need to decide who’s going to be driving. And what they’re going to be driving too!

Did you know that long-distance road trips among Californians in 2020 were 86.1% higher than in 2019? While long-distance trips are on the rise, there are still many factors in play that might make you anxious to take your personal vehicle on long trips as it may add to the maintenance cost. 

Road trips can knock up mileage and that’s why personal vehicles are not an ideal option for many. Plus, you have to check for any current travel restrictions.  

Don’t let your driving plans take an unexpected U-turn and add a rental car to your list. If you think that a rental car would add extra cost to the overall budget, think again. 

Car rental can be a cheaper alternative if you keep in mind a few factors like car insurance, gas mileage, lease penalties, and depreciation cost, to name a few. 

In this article, we will understand the benefits of opting for a car rental in-depth to help you understand if renting a car for a road trip is a better option than using your own. 

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Benefits of Renting a Car for a Road Trip

Renting a car is an ideal choice when taking your personal vehicle on long road trips, especially when you are traveling between far away cities, like San Francisco to Las Vegas or New York to Chicago. 

The main reason to avoid driving your own car on road trips is to avoid wear and tear. Adding more mileage count to your own car’s odometer will depreciate its value.

Booking a rental car not only gets you more space, better gas mileage, and safety features, but it also saves you money. 

Avoid Damaging Your Own Car

Highway miles not only cost you more money than the car rental cost but can also damage your car in certain ways.

When on a road trip, you need to drive your car for long hours, maybe anywhere between 6 to 8 hours. We do not recommend driving a vehicle in a stretch for more than 6 hours though. 

You may come across unmaintained roads that can damage your car adding more cost to maintenance and repair expenses. More mileage can even hurt your vehicle’s resale value. 

Rental cars are meant to drive on long and harsh terrain so they are more reliable. Plus, based on the rental agreement, you may not have to pay anything additional for maintenance costs.  

Test Drive New Vehicles

Your road trip can be an excellent opportunity to test-drive a new vehicle. Not just that, you get the liberty to drive another car without the salesman sitting beside you. 

When you drive a new rental car, you get a comprehensive driving experience instead of doing a little lap in the dealership proximity, so you get more than what your rental agreement promises.

When you are on a road trip in a rental car, don’t forget to follow car driving rules and instructions to stay safe. You also get the chance to hire a more fuel-efficient vehicle than your own car. 

So, whether you want to enjoy the ultimate road trip to Hawaii or weekend driving the Adventure of the Coast Scenic Drive in Connecticut, renting a car will be an ideal and reliable option. 

Avoid Miles on that Cross Country Road Trip

Adding miles to your car’s odometer will reduce its value in the long run so renting a car would be a better option. 

Rental cars are managed and maintained regularly so there are no chances of mechanical breakdown. That’s another advantage that makes renting better for road trips.

If you are driving from Denver to Chicago, you need to cover over 1000 miles which would take around 14 hours. Renting a reliable car for a long road trip makes more sense. 

Rental vehicles can be more durable, so you can get a vehicle capable of driving on even the toughest terrains effortlessly with full confidence and focus.  

Take Advantage of Car Rental Prices

Rental car companies understand your car renting needs for local as well as cross-country road trips, so you get the best services at affordable prices. 

Whether you are looking for a one-way car rental option or a round-trip voyage, you can buy car insurance that provides damage coverage or collision loss along with 24-hour roadside assistance, so that you can get quick help anytime in case of emergency. 

You get the best car renting options from family-size SUVs to luxury sedans to elegant convertibles that add more fun to your weekend road trip. 

Another advantage is that you can pick up the rental car from your preferred location or drop it off at the most convenient nearby rental locations. And you can always pay using your credit card at these rental locations. 

Where to Pick Up Your Car Rental

Generally, we recommend renters not to pick up their rental car at the airport as you may have to pay high rental prices. 

Better to have cars come to you at home for cost-saving and convenience. Companies like Airport Van Rental can even drop the vehicle at your doorstep at the time you order.  

If you wish, you can book an additional driver for your road trip so that you won’t compromise on enjoying the natural treasures such as the lush landscapes or sparkling glaciers that come en route to National Parks near you.

Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

Car rental companies encourage renters to accept their CDW (collision damage waiver) coverage. 

When you sign a CDW with the rental company, you won’t have to pay a single cent for tire damage or any other type of damage during the trip. 

Some credit card companies cover this damage, but you may have to pay the deductibles. Check the coverage details with your credit card provider before your trip. 

Your credit card insurance might not cover every vehicle type. So, if you do get car rental insurance coverage, it's a pretty robust advantage as you do not have to worry about paying anything in the event of a collision.

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Secure Your Car Rental with Airport Van Rental

When you are going on a long road trip with your friends and family, renting a car is always a better option. 

Not only do you save money, but the mileage driven tends to add too many miles to your personal car’s odometer after a weekend tour, which then reduces its resale value. 

So, contact Airport Van Rental to book a car for your next road trip at affordable car rental prices and get car insurance benefits.

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