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Fun Weekend Trip To Chattanooga From Atlanta!

Sometimes committing to a long road trip just isn’t feasible. That is why AVR is rolling out some shorter day or weekend journeys! The same AVR journey experience you have come to know and love, just shorter drive times so you can enjoy your destination faster. Everyone deserves a break from the daily hustle and bustle of work and life.

Atlanta to Chattanooga Tennessee: A day trip that takes me to another state?! Count me in!

 Directions: Here

2 hours and 132 miles when starting from our Atlanta Location

Georgia is filled with many amazing places you could have a day trip too, but the point is to be transported somewhere entirely different and take on something new. With Chattanooga being such a close drive and offering some exclusive sites that only can be experienced there, it makes sense as the perfect day or weekend getaway. With its roots firmly in Tennessee the city of Chattanooga has a lot to explore. The Incline Railway is a lovely way to spend a morning. Chug along the steep hill up to Lookout Mountain before heading onto Ruby Falls and Rock City. Ruby Falls are simply magnificent; a 145 ft high waterfall that lies deep underground. There is nothing quite like this in Georgia, you’ve got to cross state line to experience this. It’s estimated that Ruby Falls is over 30 million years old. Rock City is Chattanooga’s most famous landmark and supposedly, from the rocky ledge, you can look out and see 7 states. Be brave and cross over the 200 ft long swing bridge, the view is worth it for sure. If this is more of a weekend or extended trip, you will want to find suitable lodging. Lodging is extremely affordable, but we recommend staying at The Read House. It is fully equipped and has that upscale feel, without breaking the bank. It is located in the heart of Chattanooga which makes it a great home base to get anywhere with ease. Tennessee is home to some amazing food, but we try to showcase what the locals can’t get enough of. For breakfast, you must try Bluegrass Grill. Their homemade bread and biscuits used to make their eggs benedict is to die for. There are plenty of places and we recommend checking out this guide made by southern locals. The page may take a bit of time to load, so be patient.

AVR is all about making your overall journey the best experience possible. From renting your AVR van, to enjoying your time at the destination, AVR is here to help at every step. AVR because the journey should be just as fun as the destination.


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