Policies - Oakland Int'l Airport

After Hours Returns

Oakland Drop Info You will be dropping your vehicle off at the Oakland Airport Daily Parking lot. The address for the location is Oakland International Airport 1 Airport Dr, Oakland, CA 94621. "Daily Parking: Stay in the left-hand lane on Bessie Coleman Drive/Airport Drive and follow the signs to Hourly and Daily Parking". Proceed to the Daily Parking lot only, please find a stall and park the vehicle. Please leave the parking ticket and the keys under the floor mat, leaving the vehicle unlocked. Once done, please email the renting location (email and phone number on the contract) with the location of the vehicle (i.e space # or location #), the contract number (on the top right), and renters last name w/ a phone number. The terminal is located directly across from the parking lot. Once we collect the van we will email you a final receipt. Disclaimer: ***Please note, these drop locations are not staffed. It is important that you email the renting locations ASAP after dropping the vehicle off. We will not be able to close out the contract and you may continue to incur charges, as we do not know the vehicle is ready to be picked up. ***

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