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5 Passenger SUV Rental

Hyundai Tuscon or Similar

Vehicle Details

5 Passenger 3 Bags
4 Doors 26 Mpg
Automatic Transmis Dual A/C
Hybrid Options Infotainment syste

The Hyundai Tucson is one of the best compact SUVs. With the standard 187-hp, 2.5-liter four-cylinder coupled to an eight-speed automatic, the Tucson takes off easily and rides smooth the whole way.

The Hyundai Tucson is one of the best compact SUVs. With the standard 187-hp, 2.5-liter four-cylinder coupled to an eight-speed automatic, the Tucson takes off easily and rides smoothly the whole way. The ride is firm yet steady, the handling is responsive and secure, and the nicely trimmed cabin is relatively quiet. The back seat is roomy, and the cargo area is generous for the class. Controls are easy to use. But higher trims replace physical volume and temperature knobs with touch-sensitive controls and a push-button gear selector. AEB with pedestrian detection, AEB highway, BSW, and RCTW are standard.

A 5-Passenger SUV Gives You the Cargo Space You Need

A standard SUV (sport utility vehicle) gives you the space and comfort you deserve while you’re on a road trip. With room for five passengers, an SUV rental is an eco-friendly and safe option for airport pickups, corporate tours, and special occasions. These gas-guzzling behemoths on roads are considered go-to family cars due to their sturdy nature and aerobic body.

Standard Features in Your 5-Passenger SUV Rental

Four Doors

SUVs are the all-time companion for frequent off-road travelers, particularly when you are on an adventurous ride with the family. A 4-door SUV gives you a comfortable exit, stunning views, and more space to relax and stretch. That’s a big advantage, especially when traveling with family!

Automatic Transmission

The all-rounder SUV boasts an automatic transmission feature to give you a seamless driving experience on busy roads. Standard SUVs aren’t just fuel-efficient—they’re performance-driven, too. Rent a 5-seater SUV for extensive comfort and versatility at an affordable price. At AVR, we promise to deliver excellent services at a rate you can afford, and we are good at keeping our promises!

26 MPG

Get all the extra space and comfort at reasonable gas mileage (as good as 22 miles per gallon in some circumstances). The crossover SUVs give you excellent city mileage, and run well on highways, too. All our SUVs will offer you the best fuel economy and that’s the least you can expect from AVR. With a higher MPG, you’ll find yourself passing a lot of gas stations, that’s for sure!

Powerful Engine

Compact SUVs come with full-featured capabilities. You can get a Hyundai Tucson or similar models with at least a 2.0L power engine or higher that gives you full control and comfort while you’re navigating the roads with family or friends.

You Won’t Find a Better Place for Compact SUV Rentals Than AVR

Rental Locations Across the Nation

AVR offers a plethora of SUV rental options at different locations across the States. Our extensive collection of cars, from subcompact SUVs to a high horsepower Jeep, can accommodate all your car rental needs at affordable prices. Whether you want a small SUV or a midsize car, we can make your rental care dreams a reality. Contact us for a reservation.   

Convenient Pick-up Spots

You can pick the vehicle of your choice from the nearest branch, whether you live in Sacramento or San Diego. Easy pickup spots with no complex formalities make the process to rent a car a breeze.

Options for In-car Wi-Fi

We know the importance of staying connected to the world, no matter if you are on tough terrain or driving through picturesque pathways. In-car WiFi support lets you access the internet on up to 12 devices. Connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto when you are on a family trip. 

A Family Company with Family Values

At Airport Van Rentals, we understand the importance of family and your anxiety related to the safety of your near and dear ones. All our vehicles encapsulate advanced security features to ensure a safe trip whether you are driving with parents, spouses, kids, or friends. 

5-Passenger SUV Rental FAQ

What sort of fuel economy can I expect from my rental?

Fuel economy is based on the vehicle you select and the kind of road trip you are going to explore. All our rental cars are well maintained, so you can expect good fuel mileage. Go for plug-in hybrid models for high-performance trim levels. 

Do AVR’s SUVs come with any extra safety features?

All the SUVs from midsize to standard to full-size come with company-fitted safety features. SUVs offer the best driver and passenger safety; however, you must explore all the features by contacting our support team before renting a car to make an informed buying decision.  

How do AVR’s rentals handle off-road?

We understand that the harsh terrain and unpaved roads are a part of the journey. However, we recommend you to use GPS navigation when you are traveling to a new location and try to stay on legal roads only to avoid fines and extra charges. 

Families Trust AVR on Their Vacations, and Here’s Why You Should Too!

Airport Van Rentals is a car rental business owned and operated by the family for over 12 years. Right from its inception, we have been committed to offering the best rental cars with the latest features and advanced tech specs. 

We deliver the best SUVs from carbon edition Mazda CX-5 to Hyundai and Subaru to Toyota RAV4 to give you more passenger space and cargo area. Whether you want a luxury BMW, a classic Volkswagen, a grandeur Audi, or a Chevrolet for a smooth ride, we offer the best collection ever. 

Our existing clients have kept faith in us for more than a decade, and we expect the same from our new customers. The services we offer speak about our business and accountability.

We understand the core needs of our customers and what they expect from their AWD SUV rental service provider. We always try to offer the best services ever to deliver quality and satisfaction to our valuable customer base.

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